Peacefood Cafe: NYC

This is like the Sunday after church go to place. just 4 blocks down from church so its perfect:) Church by the way was awesome the new series ” Pure Sex” is great so far:) feel free to come next sunday! Anywho we went to Peacefood again.. I got a Brazil Nut Chai hot drink to start with which was really good, then we got steamed veggie dumplings as an appetizer with a yummy ginger sauce.. it was really light and tasty! Then we split the Seitan Medallion Panini and Asian Green Salad with Baked Tempeh.. Both really great! Some of the best food ever! Of course we couldn’t leave with out a nice healthy vegan dessert. A brazil nut cream “cake” and the Banana foster Biscuit” Mouth watering seriously fabulous dessert.. even if you aren’t vegan this place is amazing!! 🙂 82nd and amsterdam:) Mom is leaving tomorrow it’s been a fun week back to work.. fun stuff ha.:)


TienGarden: NYC

It’s been a good one. trying all these fabulous vegan restaurants and stuff around the city.. Our final new one for the week. TienGarden on Allen Street downtown.. and of course since it was ONLY 2 blocks away from Babycakes we had to hit that first for a bite of Vegan Banana Bread with “chocolate frosting” served by Jessie:) Delicious as always:) SO TienGarden we started off with steamed spinach dumplings accompanied by a spicy chili sauce. so good and warm on a nice freezing day in the city… along with hot tea! Then we split the Tien Garden Stir Fried Noodles with veggie ham, bell peppers, shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts.. SOO good! We also got the Five Treasures which included sauteed wheat gluten ( a protein for you uneducated americans 😉 } green soy beans, zucchini, carrots, and shitake mushrooms in a peking sauce.. with some mixed rice. These dishes were so yummy and flavorful.. Of course you can’t truly know how good a restaurant is without munching on the dessert so we split a piece of “Chocolate Cake” and Pumpkin Pie” all of these mind you made with healthy ingredients and no sugar:) The dessert was just as good as lunch.. Loved this place for some good healthy chinese food right near chinatown 🙂 a cozy little cafe .. I do have to say if you plan on going in the winter wear a coat a thick coat its a little chilly inside but the food warms you right up:) The service was fantastic! So tomorrow back to church for a great new series ” Pure Sex” and then a little lunch at Peacefood again.. it’s been a good week:) Peace:)

Caravan of Dreams: NYC

SO we tried another vegan place today. “Caravan of Dreams” once again on the lower east side- which seems to have all the great places:) This place is on my top 3 favorites. IT was soo good. The staff was so nice and the food amazing. I do have to say though on a freezing day like today ( wind chill of 1 degree) wear a jacket- they don’t like to use heat.haha. We started off with “Unchicken Nachos” all healthy and vegan of course. THE BEST “nachos” i’ve ever eaten by far then we split a veggie burger with a “mayo-ketchup vegan spread” with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion on a spelt wheat bun .. and a Caesar salad Delux with seitan, tomatoes, and croutons.. All of it was soo good a good portion size but not oversized at all. which keeps it light and healthy:) Then we got Live desserts Berry “Cheesecake” and “Chocolate Banana Almond cream pie” BEST raw dessert. not to mention the cup of Vanilla hazelnut tea.. so good:):) Great week so far:)!

Curly’s: NYC

Curlys on East 14th street between 1/2 avenue. So far I would have to say my least favorite.. We started off with BBQ Tempeh “ribs” the tempeh itself was good but the sauce wasn’t that fabulous. Then we split a cobb salad and Soy mexican wrap with a chipotle hot sauce on top. The wrap was Extremely good but the salad and “ribs” werent anything worth going back for.. I do have to say though the wrap was pretty delicious. They don’t have any sugar free vegan desserts so we decided to get some yogurt at my favorite little shop in Union Square.. Overall I wouldn’t recommend Curly’s since their are so many other good options in the city!:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



328 East 14th St.

New York NY.


Amys Bread/Beths Jam: NYC

Another place I would vote “best bread” in the city would have to be Amys Bread. They have 3 Locations. Hells Kitchen- my go to with the best staff:) then one in Chelsea Market and one in West Village.. They have everything from biscuits, and scones to fresh baked loafs of bread to delicious twists:) My favorite is the Whole Wheat Oat Pecan twist:) SO good:)

672 9th Avenue
New York NY.
“Beths” Jams at the Union Square farmers market also offers sugar free jams and regular but I get sugar free of course:D so many choices raspberry, blackberry, apple butters, apricot you name it so good:)
Beths Farm Jam:

The Organic Grill

For this post at least today me and my mom went to “The Organic Grill” on East 8th a little past Union Square. Nice area near NYU so a lot of college students and what not, a bit of a calm from the madness of midtown. They have everything from Vegan waffles, and tofu scramble served all day to fajitas, soups, grilled pizza and sandwhiches, and of course desserts:) We split the special for today which was the Seitan fajitas. sizzling hot plate of seitan with onions and peppers served with fresh veggies and guac with a whole wheat tortilla of course, we also split the Caesar Salad. Delicious completely different from the one at peacefood and really yummy:)
We then split a piece of vegan cherry pie and tiramisu ( we couldn’t decide on just one .ha – The desserts looked so good I forgot to take a picture of them. once again next time:) } This place is def. a great little cafe that has amazing organic food:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,
The Organic Grill:
123 First Avenue
New York NY