Caravan of Dreams: NYC

SO we tried another vegan place today. “Caravan of Dreams” once again on the lower east side- which seems to have all the great places:) This place is on my top 3 favorites. IT was soo good. The staff was so nice and the food amazing. I do have to say though on a freezing day like today ( wind chill of 1 degree) wear a jacket- they don’t like to use heat.haha. We started off with “Unchicken Nachos” all healthy and vegan of course. THE BEST “nachos” i’ve ever eaten by far then we split a veggie burger with a “mayo-ketchup vegan spread” with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion on a spelt wheat bun .. and a Caesar salad Delux with seitan, tomatoes, and croutons.. All of it was soo good a good portion size but not oversized at all. which keeps it light and healthy:) Then we got Live desserts Berry “Cheesecake” and “Chocolate Banana Almond cream pie” BEST raw dessert. not to mention the cup of Vanilla hazelnut tea.. so good:):) Great week so far:)!


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