TienGarden: NYC

It’s been a good one. trying all these fabulous vegan restaurants and stuff around the city.. Our final new one for the week. TienGarden on Allen Street downtown.. and of course since it was ONLY 2 blocks away from Babycakes we had to hit that first for a bite of Vegan Banana Bread with “chocolate frosting” served by Jessie:) Delicious as always:) SO TienGarden we started off with steamed spinach dumplings accompanied by a spicy chili sauce. so good and warm on a nice freezing day in the city… along with hot tea! Then we split the Tien Garden Stir Fried Noodles with veggie ham, bell peppers, shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts.. SOO good! We also got the Five Treasures which included sauteed wheat gluten ( a protein for you uneducated americans 😉 } green soy beans, zucchini, carrots, and shitake mushrooms in a peking sauce.. with some mixed rice. These dishes were so yummy and flavorful.. Of course you can’t truly know how good a restaurant is without munching on the dessert so we split a piece of “Chocolate Cake” and Pumpkin Pie” all of these mind you made with healthy ingredients and no sugar:) The dessert was just as good as lunch.. Loved this place for some good healthy chinese food right near chinatown 🙂 a cozy little cafe .. I do have to say if you plan on going in the winter wear a coat a thick coat its a little chilly inside but the food warms you right up:) The service was fantastic! So tomorrow back to church for a great new series ” Pure Sex” and then a little lunch at Peacefood again.. it’s been a good week:) Peace:)


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