Peacefood Cafe: NYC

This past week, has been slightly stressful- nothing in particular just life in general. but I suppose you roll with the punches right? Let me just say I am not a fan of rain, let me say I’m really not a fan of rain in New York City.. why you ask? Lets start of with gross streets filled with dirty water – not bad enough is that the wind was so heavy ( hurricane force or so i’ve heard) so basically any umbrella I did have was destroyed.. total count of ruined umbrellas this week = 4 . I need to get a really strong umbrella. I always question though.. why don’t they use something stronger to make umbrellas something that won’t self destruct in the wind.. So the umbrella was a fail I got soaked pretty much two days in a row.. then the whole wet sneakers thats just nasty. So needless to say I am so glad that the rain has gone and this week is suppose to be lovely. highs in the 50’s? really? love you new york:) Today was just a light rain so it was great compared to the monsoon yesterday..(;)} had a relaxing day headed to Peacefood for the best vegan caesar salad in the city along with a freshly squeezed glass of O.J. lots of vitamin C today:) Feeling kind of tired and blah maybe it’s the rain eh? Hopefully things will be looking up the rest of the week and if things aren’t looking up I suppose I will be:)! thats all for now folks. I’ll leave you for a little eye candy to slobber at;)

In Christ,

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