Cafe Blossom: NYC

Correction, THIS will be my last food review for New York City for a while.. For my “last meal” here in the city I took my mom to an old favorite ( well technically she took my since she payed) Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side. We got the cajun seitan sandwich which I’ve already wrote about so I wont go over how delicious it is AGAIN, as an appetizer we tried something new the ” Black Eyes Pea Cakes with Chipotle Aioli.. I have to say i was skeptical as to how good these would be but they were delicious.. I knew I loved the aioli dip because it’s on the sandwich but the little cakes which come as 2 were really yummy a nice thick cake of potato, red bell pepper and black eyed peas. If you ever hit Blossom you must get those:) $8 for the 2 but keep in mind all organic and worth the money. Also got a “Pink Lady Smoothie” freshly made with beets, carrots, and pineapple. Healthy and yummy a nice deep red beet color:) Health taste delicious. We then headed downtown to Babycakes and had fresh banana bread with chocolate frosting served by Jessie:) Thats the food review..

As for life.. ALL packed up and moving to West Hollywood Ca. tomorrow:) I will miss this city but will still have the apartment and visit a lot! I love this city and always will:) Many of you know my love of Babycakes Vegan Bakery on the lower east side here in the city. WELL they have one they’ve recently opened in LA ( lucky me ;)} I was happy about that knowing that I would still have my lovely babycakes- BUT Jessie the BEST employee of Babycakes and sweetest person I would miss BUT I found out that she’ll be in LA tuesday for a month to help out with the Babycakes there. SO I’m excited about that:) Life is grand and getting grander..
Peace, Love and Vegan Food,

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