Real Food Daily: WeHo CA.

SO I’ve been wanting to try “Real Food Daily” and today me and my mom went and did! It’s about 2 miles from my apartment , right near the Beverly Center. so really close. Let me start of with the Acai Berry Tea- the best tea I’ve ever had AND free refills, I definitely got my moneys worth, I think they refilled me 4 or 5 times then got one to go:) Obviously I would say if you ever get to Real Food Daily in West Hollywood start of with a refreshing glass of Acai Tea. Then we got as an appetizer the “Nori Maki Rolls” pretty much like vegan sushi but exceptionally good with sweet brown rice, shiso, tempeh, avocado, carrot, collard greens, umeboshi, tamari, wasabi, and pickled ginger with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. Then we decided to get two things and split. We took the waitors recommendation for a good sandwich and got “The Club” which consisted of seitan, tempeh bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and veganaise on delicious organic bread accompanied with your choice of a house salad or caesar, being the caesar lover that I am we got that! We also decided to split a Basic 5 plate ( you choose five sides of different things) we got Seitan Salisbury, lentils, pressed salad, potato salad, and collard greens with a hickory BBQ dipping sauce. really healthy and earthy if you will. YUM. Then we got a peanut butter cookie, a currant oatmeal cookie, and brownie to try a but of each. Melt in your mouth good. This place is definitely a favorite and a place I’ll be a frequent at. Come to West Hollywood and experience the delicousness for yourself.. taste is worth a thousand words:)

Peace, Love and Vegan Food ,

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