The Veggie Grill: WeHo CA.

Today we ate at “The Veggie Grill” right next door to my apartment a 2 minute walk. which is perfect:) This place is amazing! Kelly Osbourne even enjoys a meal here from time to time! Today we started off with the Chill Out Wings , strips of chillin “chickin” with a tangy BBQ sauce.. These were amazing you would think they were chicken fingers and the BBQ sauce could be served as a beverage so good! Then we split the Chop- Chop Chef salad, chopped romaine, tempeh, veggie steak, chillin chickin, green onion, roasted corn salsa with a chipotle ranch dressing. This salad was one of the best salads I’ve had.. Full of protein and the ranch dressing just made it so much more delicious! We also split the Bayou Chickin sandwich- being from New Orleans it caught my eye and I’m glad it did! Lightly blackened “chickin” with cajun spices, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and spicy vegan mayo on a whole wheat bun with red cabbage coleslaw on the side. This sandwich was heaven in my mouth. Perfectly blackened “meat” and the cajun spice was just amazing.. put me back in New Orleans for a minute. This is a place you can bring friends who aren’t vegan.. they wouldn’t know the difference . trust me! I will be a frequent customer here so close to my apartment great prices. nothing over $10 and big enough to share! Overall pure deliciousness !

Peace, Love and Vegan Food,

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