Real Food Daily: WeHo CA.

We went to lunch at Real Food Daily my vegan favorite, I’ll get to food reviewing in a minute but first let me say they seated us next to Sarah Wright ( Made of Honor, 7th Heaven) – we started chatting with her and she is so nice and the sweetest Celebrity I’ve met. She even gave me her email so she could help out with the film stuff. Such a sweet and kind hearted person.

Now to the food.. We started off with the Wabi Sabi Rolls .. Cabbage, cucumber, carrot, mint, rice noodles, in rice paper with wasabi dressing. absolutely yummy and so light! Then we went mexican and got the El Bandito Rojo wheat and gluten free corn enchiladas, seasoned tempeh, salsa roja, spanish rice, black beans, pico de gallo, tofu sour cream, and guac.. This was delicious the salsa roja was so good topped off a perfect pair of enchiladas! We also split the Caesar Salad with blackened tempeh. also extremely good. the portions are huge and yummy perfect for splitting! thats all for now . check it out!
Peace, Love and Vegan Food,

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