Cafe Muse: WeHo CA.

Today I went to a new little cafe. Cafe Muse on Santa Monica BLVD. A bit off the beaten path, so you wouldn’t know this place existed unless you look it up online or you work down there. It’s on Theater Row.. close to a lot of studios, production companies. . The place is pretty much a corner hole in the wall which doesn’t look to appealing from outside. The food was really delicious though.. the staff was not overly friendly, kind of “whatever” about customers if you will.. The food made up for it though. I ordered an no sugar Arnold Palmer to drink which was really refreshing and good- more tart than a normal sugar A.P. really good. Then I got the BBQ “Chicken” wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with red onion, fresh tomatoes, and greens with ranch dressing – this wrap was great came out fresh and hot a light refreshing meal for my side I got veggie chili which was also really good and hot- since it was a little chilly today.. This place has great food but I don’t know that I would travel so far out when there are great places closer by ( Manis, Real Food Daily, Veggie Grill)… But it was a good meal for today!

Peace, Love and Vegan Food,
Cafe Muse:
6547 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood Ca.

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