Cafe Blossom: NYC

So life has brought me back to the big apple for a bit.. who knows exactly how long…eventually plan on heading back out to LA but a couple of great internship opportunities have come up here so I’ll be doing that along with school and OF COURSE blogging about some amazing vegan food. I plan on doing more of NYC and lots of the east coast since those trains are so handy:) enough blabbing I’ll go ahead and give you what you want. that delicious food review right? 😉

My mom is up here which is always so much more fun ( someone to enjoy a good meal with and we split) . Today was a Cafe Blossom day. right on Columbus Ave. on the upper west not far from the new apartment. but let me say with this heat it seemed MUCH further honestly, has NYC ever been so hot??!

We started of with two nice cooling ginseng teas- which quickly took the body temps. down thank God.

Sweet Potato Autumn Rolls ( $11)
Red Quinoa Salad ($12)
TOFU BLT ($13)

Then we ordered the Autumn Sweet Potato Rolls($11) as an appetizer – this is a raw and gluten free appetizer if that tickles your fancy;) These little rolls were filled with coconut noodles, jicama, carrot, red and yellow pepper, scallion, avocado, served along with an almond ginger dipping sauce. These were nice and refreshing but I can’t say that I would order them again. They serve better almost as a palate cleanser maybe between a course if you will. They were not bad by any means it was just as if I was eating cut up veggies with not to much spice. Kudos to Cafe Blossom for offering a Raw and Gluten Free dish though:) Then we split the Tofu BLT($13) which was simply delicious. A big sandwich ( so you can split and feel content after your meal) but also light. A big piece of grilled tofu, tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a basil mayo. All of the sandwiches come with either french fries, sweet potato fries, or a house salad. You can substitute for steamed or sauteed greens ($2) which is just what we did – love the greens:) This was great just what we needed on a hot day.. Im not sure the exact kind of bread it is served on but its fantastic! Im also a big fan of vegan sauces and different aiolis. This tomato basil mayo was light and creamy and delicious ( side note: My favorite vegan sauce is the Tempeh Reuben Sauce at Chef Brookes in Fort Myers- I would drink that really. ). We also split the Red Quinoa Salad ($12) this was served with red quinoa, black beans, julienne peppers, watercress, toasted seeds, mango guacamole, and a lemon vinaigrette. This was a cooling salad ( which once again works perfect for a hot summer day in the city) light and fluffy quinoa but a little crunch with the seeds and beans. Very light and another great GF option. All in all a delicious lunch at Cafe Blossom. If your ever hanging around the upper west side I’d recommend stopping in for a quick healthy lunch or maybe a smoothie to cool down:).

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cafe Blossom:
466 Columbus Avenue
New York NY.


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