Sacred Chow: NYC

Very Berry Smoothie ( $8.25)
Tempeh Reuben ($12)

So today for lunch me and the mom headed down to West Village to one of my favorites Sacred Chow. This is such a cute little college type vegan health place ( 20% discount if you bring in a student I.D.) Haven’t been feeling my best so today before our amazing lunch I started off with the Very Berry Smoothie ($8.25) bananas, strawberries, and blueberries with your choice of soymilk, apple juice or coconut milk (GF) I opted for the apple juice. Let me say I know most of you are thinking $8.25 for a smoothie really?! At first glance you may think it is expensive, but i’ll remind you that all of the ingredients are Organic, vegan, and sugar free. I’ll also put in this note that the smoothie is nice and thick so you can easily split it, which is what we did ( so really you can cut the price in half) and at Sacred Chow everything comes in BIG portions. After this creamy amazing smoothie we decided to split the Tempeh Reuben ( $12) with chow slaw, and pickles. This sandwich was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever tasted here in ny. This sandwich came with roasted tempeh, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, and a russian dressing which was to die for! The coleslaw was small but flavorful so it sufficed for the meal, with a couple of lovely crunchy pickles:) We also split the Power Bowl– You can order this with multiple choices of protein, a grain, and a veggie. Today we got the soba noodles, with BBQ seitan, and broccoli. This bowl was perfect and HUGE bowl of food but left me feeling light and healthy ( like all of their food actually). I would definitely recommend trying both of these dishes if you ever hit the west village for some sacred chow. Really anything you order here you will love:) Alrighty kiddos eat healthy and keep it clean:)

Power Bowl: ($10)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Sacred Chow:
227 Sullivan Street


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  1. Abigail S. Bean
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 15:18:04

    I am a fellow fan of The Chow and was glad to see your Power Bowl because I usually can't resist the tapas trio (so delicious). I'm actually working on a post now from my last visit; definitely one of the best places in all of New York (and beyond!).


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