Candle Cafe: Seitan Chimichurri.

Seitan Chimichurri ($8.00)

So I’ve reviewed Candle Cafe on the UES a few times before- mostly for selfish reasons since it is one of my favorite places to eat in NYC. Great service, great food, great area.. why wouldn’t I keep going back? Out of all of the times I’ve dined at Candle I’ve never tried the ever so popular Seitan Chimichurri ($8.00) – big pieces of seitan ( a wheat protein) marinated in a citrus herb sauce then grilled up to perfection. Let me tell you a delightful appetizer, the seitan is grilled to a perfect texture and the sauce was unbelievably delicious. They offer this seitan at Whole Foods NYC in the case to take home- I have tried this version of the dish but I have to say I think you get a completely different and better experience having it served fresh to your table at Candle. So go on to the upper east side and try this bite of heaven. You won’t be sorry!
Eat clean stay healthy:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Candle Cafe: Website
1307 3rd Avenue ( 74/75th street)
New York NY.


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