The Green Bean Cafe: NYC

Cheddar Burger ($7.50)
Peanut Butter /Oatmeal Cookie($2.00) Macaroon ($1.75)
Banana Chocolate Muffin ( $2.50)

I got a chance to go by a place that I have been skeptical of trying, simply because I havent found to much information online about the cafe and the reviews were mixed. “The Green Bean Cafe” on the UES. Let me begin by saying I really enjoyed the food at this place. It’s a small cafe so a lot of people get things to go ( which they have a full case pre-made.. sandwiches, salads, desserts, drinks, and smoothies.. but they also have sandwiches and food like pizza made to order along with raw dishes and desserts like vegan ice cream!) There is only about 6 seats available so if you want to eat in come early. They also offer breakfast starting at 7 a.m. The service was sub par. The guy who served me was nice but not to knowledgeable about the food they offered and didn’t have many suggestions, the other woman working there was simply put a little rude. Let’s get back to the food though – the most important part. I ordered the “Cheddar Burger($7.50)- this is a homemade soy vegetable patty ( which was mouth watering good), sauteed onions, mushrooms ( which i opted out of), tomato, romaine lettuce, vegan mayo, dijon mustard, served on a Whole Wheat Bun, and of course daiya cheddar cheese. This normally comes with a side of organic tortilla chips and a pickle but I decided to get a salad ( $1.50 extra). { you can also swap out the chips for homefries, or steamed greens}. As I said this sandwich was way beyond my expectations of amazing. Great portion, comes out hot from the kitchen, with a thick slice of tomato and fresh organic lettuce.. simply delicious. Now for dessert! They had so many I decided to get a few things and try a piece of each so I could review them for you! I got an “Oatmeal Cookie” and a “Peanut Butter Cookie” ($2.00 each)– they clearly label all the desserts whether they are wheat free, raw, gluten free, and also list each ingredient. These cookies were both fantastic! You can tell they are freshly baked on the premises each day, soft and crumbly with huge raisins and fresh peanuts! I favored the Oatmeal Cookie simply because as a whole I enjoy oatmeal cookies over most others. I also ordered the “Wheat Free Chocolate Macaroon” ( $1.75). I really enjoyed this- thinner than a regular macaroon so it almost reminded me of a cookie. Soft and oozing with fresh pieces of coconut, one of the best macaroons I believe have touched my lips;) Finally the guy working behind the counter convinced me to get a “Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin” ($2.50)– I’ll admit I finished this muffin without saving a piece- moist and fluffy from the banana with some chocolate chips to give it that extra kick. A fantastic muffin – Of course we all know my favorite muffins come from Chef Brookes in Fort Myers. This muffin was yummy though. As a whole I would tell everyone to go to The Green Bean Cafe- even though its small its worth it to come early and get a seat or take your lunch and head over to central park on a cool day:) Eat Clean kiddos:)!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Green Bean Cafe
1413 York Avenue
New York NY.


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