Teany: NYC

Turkey Club ($8.00)
Cookie ($3.00)
Vanilla Berry Cream Tea ($4.50)

So I found a cute little place that has a vegan menu with some eggs available and is such a cute place for brunch/lunch. Teany on the LES. This place is a great place to sit outside on a nice cool day or enjoy the cool temperature inside with a pot of tea:) It has SO many varieties of hot tea ( to many to choose from!), ice tea specials, food specials, breakfast and lunch. Today I arrived around 11 but to my dismay ( the only complaint I have btw) they were already out of vegan scones.! what?! 11 a.m. on Saturday and already out of scones. sadness.. I did however end up ordering some fantastic items! I started off with a pot of “Vanilla Berry Cream Tea” ( $4.50) – no worries about the price this is for a pretty big pot so worth the money. This tea was so scrumptious. Hibiscus blossoms, apple bits, rosehips, and genuine bourbon vanilla combine to produce a fruity, creamy flavor. Let me tell you it absolutely did, slightly sweet but fresh felt as if I was eating fresh fruit while smelling a rose garden. mhmm. I then ordered the “Turkey Club”($8.00) made with tempeh bacon,vegan turkey slices,greens, tomatoes, and veganaise. served with a side salad and dressing. This was a thick and “meaty” delicious sandwich the bread is freshly toasted so that comes hot and the middle is almost to thick to eat (almost) I loved this sandwich and cannot wait to try the other offerings at Teany! I saw in the bakery case so many vegan desserts like carrot cake, apple crumble pie, and peanut butter bomb cake..but i wasn’t really in the mood for a big rich piece of cake, so I just decided to skip dessert UNTIL I passed by a HUGE cookie that looked to good to say no to, so I didn’t! I never really got the name of this cookie but from what I ate I will call it the “Oat Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($3.00) Thick cookie filled with vegan chocolate chips, fresh pieces of coconuts all pulled together with divine oats. I am in love with this cookie. It’s right up there if not above the cookies you can order at Candle Cafe. All in all I love this place, it’s a cute place to sit and read a book while sipping on tea or grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. You have to head down to the lower east side and grab a seat!:) Eat Clean and Healthy!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


90 Rivington St.
New York, NY.
8 am.- 1am. everyday:)


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