Atlas Cafe: NYC

Vegan Philly Steak ( $6.75)

So I headed down to the LES to try a cute little quaint NY cafe. Called Atlas Cafe. This place is a small ( very small- no room for a bathroom. ha) This place offers cheap, healthy, yummy sandwiches, paninis, wraps, crepes, breakfast items, smoothies, salads, pastas, eggs ( for those of you who don’t go totally vegan), and a HUGE case of desserts ( some non vegan but mostly vegan).  I have to admit I had one problem with this place.. TO many choices! I was so torn on what to get but narrowed it down between a breakfast bagel ( which I will have to try next time) and the Vegan Philly Steak Sandwich– which is what I ended up ordering ( $6.75) Mixed Greens, Roasted Red Peppers, Tomato, Onion, and Carrot on a whole wheat baguette- served with chips although I subbed for a side salad. This sandwich was a good portion of food but didn’t leave me feeling overly stuffed. When I think of  a philly I think of a big “meaty” sandwich but this was nice and light. Really delicious. At first bite I didn’t get a whole lot of flavor but then it hit me a  scrumptious spicy taste with fresh Vegan meat that was just fabulous! This place offers a lot of Moroccan type middle eastern type entrees which is pretty cool. They had a huge case of desserts but I arrived kind of early and didn’t really feel like dessert at that point, and knowing that I would be coming back for that bagel I decided to wait, so you’ll have to check back for a review of desserts… I did take a snapshot of that dessert case though just to get you excited. Like I said I will most assuredly be going back to Atlas, there are just to many great things I have to try.. Atlas is everything you would think of a NY cafe. Small, quaint,  quick service ( 5 minutes if that waiting for my food), kind but fast paced servers. Really enjoyed this cafe. They kept the doors open so we all got some of that great breeze blowing through the city today. All in all a great cafe with great prices and great food!:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Atlas Cafe
75 2nd Avenue (4th street)
New York NY.


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