So I decided to go to one of my favorite places that I recently discovered here in NY. ‘Snice. a quaint little cafe on 8th avenue that I adore. I had reviewed the “Tempeh Reuben” in a previous post which was great, but today I decided to try a little something new. “The Cubano Panini ( $8.75) made with soy ham, pickles, and vegan cheese. Simple but delicious! The perfect crunch of toasty wheat bread with the crisp pickles and gooey “cheese” in between. This was a great sandwich and a perfect lunch. I also tried there “Agave Sweetened Macaroon” {{not sure of the price.. $1 or $1.50?) a simple small, thin cookie, with fresh coconut and a creamy batter. Generally Im not a big macaroon fan but this little bite of Heaven was delightful, not to much coconut which is what normally turns me off the macaroon and it wasn’t extra thick which I like. A fantastic lunch today like always it was ‘Snice ;). Eat Clean, and healthy kiddos:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



45 8th Avenue

New York NY.



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