Tempeh Bacon ($5.00)

Frittata ($12.00)

Frittata ($12.00)

Today I decided to have a nice Saturday brunch at Counter on the LES. Through the week Counter is only opened for dinner from 5:30 ( to be honest I normally eat earlier, so I wouldn’t ever have a reason to go at that time) but on Saturday and Sunday they open at 11:00 a.m. for brunch. I read Quarry Girls post about it and that made me want to try even more! A nice little upscale cafe with all of the big window doors wide opened with seating inside and one table out, perfect for today because the weather here in NY was fantastic! They have a great brunch menu with savory items such as tofu scramble, polenta, salads, and a sandwich ( that someone else ordered and looked yumo). They also have the sweet brunch items like french toast with walnuts or pancakes. They also have a bread basket ( which i wanted to get but was told it was rather large and would be better for a split, so next time). I wasn’t sure exactly what to order so my server recommended the Roasted Pepper & Leek Frittata ($12.00) tofu, with roasted pepper, and smoked tomato jam served with fresh herb roasted potatoes,whole grain toast and a side of greens. I really enjoyed this dish, it was so different than other things I’ve tried for brunch in nyc. A very unique dish, it tasted so fresh and scrumptious! I also ordered a side of the Homemade Tempeh Bacon ($5.00) 5 long strips of crunchy tempeh bacon. I really enjoyed this also!  I’ve ordered tempeh bacon at other places and its great but never as crunchy and flavorful as Counters ( I suppose because it’s homemade?). I was also intrigued by the Vegan Nutella on the menu.. I know vegan nutella? can it get any better?? Let me tell you it absolutely cannot! This stuff was heavenly, smeared across my whole grain toast.. it was like brunch and dessert all in one! The waitress working there also brought me out fresh mustard for the tempeh bacon and a side of the Smokey Tomato Jam for free. All of these homemade sauces were just the topper to a fabulous brunch. Thanks Counter I will be brunching again!  Eat Clean and Healthy Kids!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



105 1st Avenue

New York NY.



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