Spring Rolls ( $8.00)

Main Dish ($13.00)

So I finally got down to Gobo for lunch today- even with the rain! A west village healthy asian type restaurant. This restaurant is actually related to the Zen Palate group here in N.Y. Gobo offers different lunch specials with that chinese yumminess and also has a homemade veggie burger that I’ve heard great things about. I decided to start off with the “Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Spicey Honey Dip” ($8.00) A raw appetizer with jicama, carrots, cucumbers, a little basil all wrapped in rice paper served with a light delectable sauce.” Those were fantastic! I suppose you can compare these to the moo shoo rolls at Zen Palate if you’ve had them, just a little bigger and thicker. Excellence wrapped in rice paper:) Then after a lot of debate and help from the waitress on what to order I settled on the “Coconut Rice with smoked beijing style seitan in teriyaki sauce, with pickled shredded papaya” ($13.00) Whole grain rice with a zesty coconut flavor full of plump raisins, and a thick seitan lightly seasoned with the teriyaki sauce and amazing shredded papaya with carrots. This dish was phenomenal – I can’t think of one thing I didn’t enjoy! The rice was some of the most amazing rice I’ve ever eaten the hint of coconut and raisins made it like a dessert! The Seitan was perfectly cooked and the pickled papaya was great –  I could have eaten a bowl of that! A great meal and great service, glad I waddled through the rain to enjoy a little healthy asian dining! Eat Clean and Healthy Kids!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



401 6th Avenue

New York NY.



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