Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ($2.25)

Brownie Cookies ($4.00)

So this is just a quick review on a LifeThyme Natural Market- a little market in the west village, that is a store that sells organic produce, has a hot bar, and also has a vegan organic bakery – which was my main reason for stopping in. They have a case full of different vegan cookies, brownies, cakes, some scones, some without sugar ( which I go for) some wheat free.. lots of variety. I decided to try the “Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($2.25) a rich cookie full of oats and fresh chocolate chips. This was a pretty good cookie I would have liked to have had more chocolate chips in there or a bit more flavor but it was ok.. I would most likely get dessert from one of the tons of places I’ve enjoyed here in the city, but I stumbled upon this place while in the West Village and had to stop in. I also got a bag of 4 “Brownie Cookies” ($4.00) small brownie cookies, with flax seeds, and small nuts. These were also just ok.. I guess Im partial to other vegan desserts here in NY.. They were a little to stiff for me as a brownie, but after a couple of bites I began to enjoy the little guys. Eat Healthy:)

Peace , Love, and Vegan Food,


LifeThyme Natural Market

410 6th Avenue

New York NY



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