Candle Cafe

Mezze Plate ($13.00)

Cajun Seitan Sandwich ($14.00)

Oh Candle.. everytime I visit you I fall more in love.. yum Today I got my old favorite the Tempeh and Roast Veggie Sandwich and my mom got the Grilled Seitan Burger ( but I’ve reviewed both) But we also split 2 items that I havent reviewed so here it is!.. So today headed to the Upper East Side with my parents ( who are visiting yay) and we went to one of my favorite places in the city.. One great thing about going to lunch with a small group (3) is appetizers! I normally don’t get one because then Im to full for my meal but not we started off with the “Mezze Plate +Crudite'” ($13.00) Hummus, Quinoa Tabouli, Lemon Date Chutney, Marinated Olives, Panata Bread and Zataar. Oh my word- one of the most amazing appetizers to be eaten.. The Panata Bread was fluffy and light and the lemon date chutney was slightly sweet and tangy, with smooth hummus and fresh olives and carrot sticks and celery..oh my. They give you a huge portion and let me tell you that this plate was licked clean! You have got to order this if you go to Candle! Secondly was the “Cajun Seitan Sandwich” ($14.00) Pan- Seared Seitan, Steamed Greens, Caramelized Onions, and Avacado. Served on Toasted Focaccia with an Ancho Chili Aioli and Coleslaw. This was a huge sandwich – almost to big to wrap the mouth around, but I managed;) Fresh greens and sweet caramelized onions with the perfectly cooked seitan and a creamy aioli. Served with that amazing coleslaw. A perfectly scrumptious meal today at Candle.. yet another success.. who would have guessed at Candle;) Head to the UES and get your yummies today!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Candle Cafe:

1307 3rd Avenue

New York NY



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