Peacefood Cafe

Chickpea Fries ($7.00)

Today at Peacefood I finally tried the “Chickpea Fries($7.00) delicious soft chickpeas with a crunchy baked outside served with a house dipping sauce that reminded me of a ranch sauce” These things were amazing.. I was a little skeptical at first ( I suppose thats why it took me so long to try them) but these were one of my favorite appetizers at peacefood. If you go to peacefood..order these. This is a great cafe on the upper west side with salads,soups, raw dishes, desserts, sandwiches, smoothies, dumplings, anything and everything you could possible imagine VEGAN and HEALTHY! This is also a great place to bring the kiddos to they have Baked soy nuggets, veggie plates and of course the chickpea fries:) Give it a try- you wont be sorry!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Peacefood Cafe:

460 Amsterdam (82nd)

New York NY.



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