"Date Bar" ($3.00)

"Expresso" ($2.00)

Today I didn’t do lunch at Terri a new vegan cafe in Chelsea, but I did grab a little dessert that is worthy of a review. I most definitely plan on going back for lunch one day though! The menu looks outstanding! Sandwiches, wraps, salads, side dishes, smoothies, and desserts! The shop was opened recently by a former employee of Blossom here in nyc, which is a fantastic restaurant! Terri is not a restaurant type place by any means just a few stools to sit at or a grab and go type thing, but the food looks worthy of not having to many tables this dessert made me a believer! Today I got the “Date Bar” ($ 3.00) a date like middle with soft crumbles all around it. This was amazing. The server at the counter recommended it to me and I am so glad I got it! It was love at first bite and then obsession hit. Fortunately I got it to go and ate it on the walk or I could have eaten a thousand more! This just fell apart with the gooeyness like a piece of pie. oh my oh my. I will be coming back to you Terri- You’ve drawn me in with your dessert..lets do lunch;) After grabbing my little dessert I grabbed an expresso from Buon Italia Chelsea Market – a great italian store filled with imported italian delights, anything you can possibly imagine.. a grocery store, full service food bar available, and a little cafe and gelato bar. Reminded me of being back in Italy. I love the “Expresso” ($2.00) a dark blend of italian expresso.. strong strong strong! Im not to much of a coffee drinker just on occasion but expresso from a hardcore Italian shop..yes please.. The owners are from italy and have that italian family setting. It’s like stepping out of the country for a moment. If your looking for a piece of italy in ny head to chelsea market and have a cup!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



64 W. 23rd St.

New York NY.


Buon Italia:

75 9th Avenue

New York NY.



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