Zen Palate: Union Square. New Opening!

Zen Palate- Union Square

So Im no stranger to Zen Palate here in NYC. They used to have a location on 17th street in Union Square until it closed down ( it’s now a TGI Friday’s). I was pretty disappointed because I preferred the Union Square location to the location on 46th and 9th. The Hells Kitchen (46th/9th) Zens food is pretty good, but terrible service for the most part.. They never open when there suppose to and hardly

"Edamame" ($3.95)

Moo Shoo Rolls ($3.50)

"Shredded Heaven" ($11.25)

"Whole Wheat Noodles" ($9.50)

"Sesame Medallions" ($11.25)

can understand english.oy! So I was super excited when I found out that Zen Palate had re opened in Union Square on August 2, 2010 but at a new location just about a block away. From the moment I walked in the ambience of this place was classy in comparison to the hells kitchen location. Clean, good service, a great experience. I ordered things that I had once ordered at the other zen location to do a little comparison if you will…so here goes::

Let me first of say there was 3 of us today and I did not eat all of these plates ( although I probably could have;)} we did a bit of a split. We started of with the “Edamame” ($3.95) soybean in the pod. This was a fantastic light little starter.. I mean it can’t really tell you much though it’s pretty hard to mess up edamame. ha. Then we got an order of our favorite “Basil Peanut Moo Shoo Rolls($3.50) Rice paper filled with peanuts, basil, and mushrooms with a side soy dipping sauce served with pickled carrots and cabbage. I have to say that I loved the fact that they brought back the pickled veggies! They don’t offer these at Hells Kitchen Zen so I was pleasantly surprised that they brought them back at the new location- I could eat a huge bowl of just this and be happy. ha. The moo shoo rolls of course were amazing, crunchy peanut with a hit of basil. you can’t go wrong! Next on the list was the “Whole Wheat Noodles with Veggies” ($9.50)  Wheat soba noodles mixed with cabbage, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and soy meat. I absolutely love this dish- At this Zen they use thinner soba noodles as oppose to the thicker ones which make the dish even more delicious! Fresh crunchy veggies, and seared soy meat make this dish a delicacy. Next up is the “Shredded Heaven” ($11.25) Chives, Bean Sprouts, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Shredded Soy and Wheat Gluten” They are very liberal with there soy meat at this location which is fantastic- always up for more protein! This dish gives you the softness of the soy meat with the crunchy asian veggies and a kick of heat with those jalapenos. perfection on a plate. really. This dish also comes with a side of spring rolls ( which we subbed for moo shoo rolls because yes, they are THAT good) and Brown and Red Rice, which is some of the most scrumptious rice ever to be forked into the mouth ( or chopsticked if your adventurous). Last but certainly not least comes the “Sesame Medallion” ($11.25) Wheat Gluten in an Asian Barbecue Sauce on a bed of Blanched Broccoli.” This dish is a great meaty dish with that sweetness of the BBQ and the freshness of the blanched broccoli, perfectly paired together to make a delightful dish. Also served with rolls and rice:). Let me also mention that Zen Palate ( Both Locations) offers lunch specials from 11 a.m.- 4.p.m.  for $8.95.– which includes: 1 of 10 entree choices, and a beverage. So 2 of our dishes today were $8.95 with a drink , and for all of this food that is a fantastic price. Proving once again that you can each cheap and healthy. Eat Clean and Healthy. and keep it Zen:)
Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Zen Palate: Union Square

115 East 18th Street

New York NY.



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