"Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch" ($7.81)

"Roasted Sweet Potatoes" ($3.21)

"Mocha Fudge Brownie" ($3.00)

I made it back to Terri over in Chelsea after eating that delicious oat date bar the other day on the go just as promised. Today I actually went in for a quick lunch and so glad I did! As I mentioned in my prior Terri Post this is a great place for grabbing lunch on the go or just a place to grab a seat at the bar. Not a sit down with friends and chat type of place, but that doesn’t make the food any less delicious! The servers at Terri are extremely nice and helpful with any help you need. Which makes the meal even more enjoyable:) Terri offers numerous creative sandwiches (Thanksgiving sandwich with cranberry sauce along with the soy, chickpea tuna melt etc..) They also have prepared salads in a cold case, and amazing lemon ginseng ice tea, also some of there side salads. They cook to order and they do it fast which fits perfectly in the hustle and bustle of NYC. Today I had my eye on the ” Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch Sandwich” ($7.81) “Chicken”, Soy Bacon, Daiya Cheddar Cheese, Ranch Sauce, and lettuce. Served on a homemade Rosemary Foccacia Bread” This was such a great sandwich – one of my favorites. Perfect portion with thin crispy bread and a succulent juice ranch sauce with flavorful soy bacon and gooey cheese. Absolute perfection, I could not have asked for me. They offer a few different side dishes Potato Salad, 3 Bean Salad, Quinoa Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes which cost $3.21 unless ordered with a sandwich or wrap then its only $2.30. I had to have the “Roast Sweet Potatoes” ($2.30) Thick round slices of soft peppered Sweet Potatoes” and some of the most amazing sweet potatoes I’ve ever eaten. They give you a great size container and they have a roasted cracked pepper flavor. delicious! For dessert today I ordered the “Mocha Fudge Brownie” ($3.00) A thick flavorful Brownie filled with Mocha Flavor and scrumptious chocolate. I loved this brownie, it’s very thick so I had half of it and took the rest for later. I really enjoyed this brownie with a nice glass of tea. If you like brownies and mocha this is the dessert for you:) I will have to go back to Terri to try the rest of there many menu items as they all sound delightful! So if you need a quick healthy lunch in the city  head to Terri! Eat Clean kids:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



64 W. 23rd St.

New York NY.


Mon.-Fri.: 5:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Sat-Sun: 8 a.m.- 9 p.m.


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