Teany Bagel ($6.00)


"Side Salad" ($3.00)

So one of the cutest little restaurants in NYC has to be Teany. A quaint little tea and scone type place ( except there always out of scones.) on the LES. They have delightful little vegan sandwiches, salads, yummy desserts, and 98 varieties of tea of course! Today I got the “Japanese Cherry Tea” ($4.00) A nice light green flavored tea with a nice hit of cherry. Really amazing tea! They give you your own little pot so you get a few cups out of it, which is great:) Today I got there a bit early so I decided to go with the ‘Teany bagel” ($6.00) Vegan Tempeh bacon, melted cheese, and grilled tomato on a whole wheat bagel with a side of vegan cream cheese and jam.” A spectacular bagel. Crunchy wheat bagel with gooey vegan cheese and sweet tempeh bacon. The vegan cream cheese was also amazing! Nice and creamy with a little berry jam. yum! I also added a “Side Salad” ($3.00)  Fresh mixed greens, chickpeas, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and hearts of palm with a balsamic vinegar dressing. This is anything but a side salad! I expected a small little nothing salad for $3 but this thing was like no other “side salad” i have ever ordered. Fresh and light and tasty! Another fantastic lunch at Teany. Once again my only complaint is that I arrived 30 minutes after they opened and they were already out of scones and there was no one eating in the restaurant..what?! Anywho maybe i’ll catch a day when they have scones. ha! Eat Clean:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



90 Rivington

New York NY.



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