"Pumpkin Pecan Muffin"

"Banana Chocolate Chip and Apple Bran Muffin"

"Philly Style Seitan"

On a gloomy, rainy day in NYC there is no better place to enjoy a nice early lunch then at ‘Snice. A great place to grab a muffin and hot tea or a great sandwich or salad on a cold day. That is exactly what I did.. I arrived a bit early to relax a little do some homework and read so I decided to try some of there muffins ( before you get worried I only ate one but tasted each to review for you.. the leftovers are for later :):)}. I got the “ Pumpkin Pecan Muffin” ($2.50) Fresh Pumpkin mixed with a healthy heart batter with Pecans and Raisins.” I adore this muffin, brings fall right into action. Smooth pumpkin with crunchy pecans and moist raisins. spectacular. mhmm. I also tried the “Banana Chocolate Chop Muffin” ($2.50) Fresh Bananas mixed with gooey Chocolate Chips. I love any muffin with banana in it ( which is funny because I don’t really like bananas alone) , it makes the batter so delicious! This muffin was no exception I love this muffin! Last but certainly not least the ” Apple Raisin Spice Muffin” ($2.50) Fresh chunks of Apple with Cinnamon and fresh Raisins.” Another muffin reminding me once again that summer is gone and fall is coming along.. This tasted phenomenal and I can’t wait to finish it off! Some of the best muffins I’ve had.. really enjoyed.. For lunch today I ordered the ” Philly Style Seitan Sandwich ($8.75) Seitan with Soy Cheese Peppers and Onions served with a side Salad. This was a great sandwich! I got mine served on whole wheat bread and added some lettuce which made it even better. The soy cheese makes it moist and I love the grill flavor of the peppers and onions. Such a great sandwich..almost like being in ol’ Philly;) Another ‘Snice experience in the West Village! P.S. this place is cash only so don’t forget to leave the plastic at home and use the green:) Eat Clean!:)


45 8th Avenue

New York NY.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. larry
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 16:56:00

    Well Done! As usual a Snice review!!!! Yum!


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