"Potato Salad" ($6)

So today I made my way over to 1st avenue on the Upper East Side to try a brand new vegan restaurant “V-Note“. They just opened this past Wednesday October 6th. As of now ( until November 1) they are only opened for dinner except on Saturday and Sunday they open at 12 for brunch. V-Note is partly owned by the same owner as the Blossom restaurants ( Cafe Blossom UWS/ Blossom Chelsea). I love the Blossom restaurants so I

"Seitan Burger" ($14)

had to try this one and review.. V-Note is only a few blocks away from Candle Cafe and Candle 79… which poses a little competition on the UES for Vegan restaurants… I came into V-Note expecting to compare it to the Candle Restaurants…but I have to say that I find each restaurant to be unique in its own way and in that non comparable. I will say that the prices and portion sizes are similar. Now let’s get to the review. V-Note opens at 12 and I arrived about 15 minutes early.. it was a bit chilly outside so the VERY kind staff allowed me to go ahead and come in and order a hot tea. I took them up on that:). They offer a big menu with a lot of variety… breakfast items on the weekend, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, delicious entrees, juices, and desserts. I decided to start off and try the ” Potato Salad” ($6.00) Small Chunks of Potato Salad, Shitake Mushrooms, with fresh herbs mixed together to form a delicious side. This was very tasty! All

"Cookie" ($1.50)

of the spices and herbs just jump out at you from first bite. Yes, the portion size may be a bit small for $6 but that is fine dining at its best my friends, expect nothing less for vegan and organic bistro style dining on the UES. After a delicious potato salad I had high hopes for the sandwich I had been eyeing since I first found the menu online. The ” Seitan Quarter Pounder with a Side Salad” ($14.00) House Made Seitan Burger with Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese and V-Note Special Sauce,” This sandwich was huge and amazing! The burger is not like a normal straight up seitan patty, it also has veggies mixed it. It all melts in your mouth with so many fresh herbs mixed inside! I got mine served on Whole Grain Bread but they normally serve it on a Sesame Bun..which Im sure is equally as good. For dessert I got a “Chocolate Pecan Cookie” ($1.50) Healthy Flour with Fresh Pecans and Chocolate Chips.” OH MY WORD! This cookie was the best cookie I’ve ever eaten! I think even non vegans would adore this cookie! It’s not normally on there menu but they were kind enough to find a way for me to order one.. gosh, so sweet:) All in all this was a delicious meal! Im so glad I got over to try it today. The staff is some of the friendliest and most attentive around! Very helpful and everyone had a smile on there face! Just what I like to see when Im sitting down to a delicious healthy meal! I will Definitely be back!! Everyone should give this place a try! I promise you wont be disappointed!!! Get the word out friends!! Eat Clean and Healthy:):)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



1522 1st Avenue

New York NY.



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kim
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 13:54:03

    I read about the opening of this restaurant too. So which branch of vegan restaurant would you prefer? I haven’t dine at any “Candle’ restaurant yet due to the high prices.


    • veganscraps
      Oct 11, 2010 @ 20:13:19

      well for first time.. I would say to try Candle Cafe ( Ive tried more dishes there and love every one of them) ! They are all a bit pricey but if you order a sandwich there pretty big so you could split it..or maybe get appetizers.. There wraps ( they normally have on special) are also HUGE! So they do have good portions! Enjoy let me know how you like it!!


  2. JL goes Vegan
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 14:41:20

    I’m going to V-Note tonight….looking forward to it!


  3. JL goes Vegan
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 09:57:07

    It was soooo good! I’ll be blogging about it this week 😉


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