JivamukTea Cafe:

So today I decided to try a new place. JivamukTea Cafe. a hidden treasure in NYC if you will. I was a little skeptical because this cafe is located inside of a yoga studio in union square…which caught my attention.. So I had to head over and try. I love that I’ve found a place right in the middle of Union Square.. There are a few places *around* the area but this is literally steps away from the train line. So here goes … my thoughts on my dining

Green Coconut Tea ($2)

experience this afternoon:) I will first say that unless someone tells you about this cafe of your familiar with the yoga studio you won’t know about it.. The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the yoga studio…I loved the atmosphere when I first arrived.. Very peaceful and a warm and friendly staff with amazing smelling food coming from the kitchen! They have a 100% Vegan and healthy prepared menu which includes: Salads, Sandwiches, Mixed Protein Plates, Baked Goods, Smoothies,

Spicy Tempeh Salad ($5)

Soups, Breakfast, and Daily Specials. So much to choose from! You order at the counter and bring it to your seat ( and they make it all fresh and have it ready within minutes!) My server recommended that I start of with a cup of ” Coconut Green Tea” ($2.00) Fresh Green Tea Loose Leaf with a delicious hint of Coconut. This was the best green tea I have ever had.. it was simply amazing..like dessert in a cup. YUM! I then decided for my main entree I would get the “ Spicy Tempeh

Rosemary Seitan ($5)

Salad “ ($12.00) Tempeh Croutons topped with Spicy Peanut Dressing, Diced Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, on a bed of Spring Mix Lettuce” This was one of the greatest salads i have ever eaten! They give you a huge bowl filled with SPICY tempeh that is cooked with the perfect seasonings.. Great portions, filling and healthy! I will say this dish lives up to its “spicy” name… Generally I find that in vegan language spicy doesn’t live up to my expectations but by the end of

Cookies ($3.89)

this meal I was ready for a HUGE bottle of water ( but I like it that way). *must try this salad* In the spirit of vegan blogging and needing some goodies to review, I decided to get a side order of the “Rosemary Seitan” ($5.00) Seitan, Kalamata Olives, Dried Cranberries, Diced Celery, with Onion and Garlic. Once again I was pleased at all of the flavors that popped out at me in this dish! Everything is so flavorful and healthy tasting ( I guess because it is?  ha) I adored both dishes! I also got the choice of 2 of there 6 House Dressing Choices which came with the meal. I Chose ” Turmeric Tahini” a Creamy spiced Tahini dressing that was amazing beyond words! and ” Mustard Vinaigrette” (served with dish) A tangy sweet Mustard Dressing..delish! Each day they bake all of there desserts on the premises fresh to be served for the day! I opted to get 2 Cookies ( one to take, although I did have a piece ya know;)} First the “Oatmeal Raisin” ($3.00) Fresh Gooey Oats Mixed with delicious Raisins baked together to form this fantastic healthy treat! Love this cookie! It was almost as if I was eating a fresh bowl of oatmeal. MHM. Secondly I got the “ Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($3.00) Basically a Chocolate Chip Cookie, except healthy and fantastic! One of the best vegan cookies I’ve had to be honest. I love everything about this place! Everything I ate was absolutely fantastic! So glad I stopped in and found one of the Gems of Union Square.. As I said unless someone tells you about this place you’ll never find it so here it is IM TELLING YOU ABOUT IT! GO:) Eat Clean and Healthy Kids:)!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


JivamukTea Cafe:

841 Broadway ( 2nd FL.)

New York NY.

212. 353.0214


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    • veganscraps
      Oct 26, 2010 @ 23:15:07

      I know I did the same thing. I went my first time last week and was back the very next day!! fresh amazing food:) im going back thursday ! haha. Enjoy it! so delicious and healthy:)


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