Cafe Blossom: Brunch

"Country Breakfast" ($12) Tempeh Bacon ($3)

So I went back to one of my favorite cafes here on the UWS for brunch: Cafe Blossom offers delicious lunch sandwiches, and salads, upscale dinner entrees, smoothies, desserts, and what I went for today brunch🙂 They have a great brunch menu that offers Chocolate Chip or Blueberry Pancakes, French Toast, Crepes, Quinoa and Peach Porridge and what I got “The Country Breakfast”($12 + Tempeh Bacon $3) Tofu Scramble, Sweet Potato Hash Browns, Mixed Greens, and Sauteed Mushrooms ( I replaced those with Onions) and Tempeh Bacon additionally with Multi Grain Toast and Apple Chutney. This was one of the greatest brunch meals I’ve had in the city! The Sweet Potato Hash Browns were so flavorful and crisp! Great Apple Chutney as well sweet with a little bit of tanginess to it! Along with the soft tofu scramble and peppers with bacon. YUM! What a delicious brunch! I always love going to Cafe Blossom.. It’s a place you should stop by if your in nyc.. They are sister restaurants to Blossom Chelsea, Cocoa V ( vegan Chocolate Bistro) and the newly opened V-Note is connected as well in the UES. Eat healthy and enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cafe Blossom:

466 Columbus Ave.

New York NY.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JL goes Vegan
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 19:13:11

    I have yet to eat at Cafe Blossom. Thanks for the reminder (breakfast looks FAB!)


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