JivamukTea Cafe: Gluten Free Muffins!

Strawberry Peach Muffin (GF)

So JivamukTea Cafe is one of my favorite places ( if not number one) here in NYC. I visit for lunch often so today was nothing out of the ordinary..that was until I discovered that they now carry Gluten Free Muffins ( Banana Blueberry, Granola Peach, and Strawberry Peach). Being the vegan blogger that I am I had to try one ..just for the blog;).. I decided on the “Strawberry Peach($3.89) Gluten Free Batter with fresh Strawberries, and Juicy Peaches. This muffin was very good! You can taste the freshness of the fruit smothered inside and nicely baked GF batter. Spectacular… as is everything at JivamukTea. Always love stopping in to say hello to the kind counter staff and enjoying some healthy vegan goodness! Be sure and stop into JivamukTea if you are ever in NY.. or make a special trip;D.. EAT ClEAN!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


JivamukTea Cafe:

841 Broadway

New York NY.



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