Expresso Royale Caffe:

ERC- Newbury Street.

So on my day meandering around Boston, I came across a quaint little coffee and tea type shop Expresso Royale Caffe. They serve up green and organic coffees, teas, regular desserts, vegan

Tea Cake ($3)

desserts ( which is why i went in), bagels, breakfast sandwiches, tofu cream/cheese spreads and wraps. This place was filled with local college students studying up


while enjoying a nice cup of joe:) Expresso Royale Caffe has 3 locations in Boston, I visited the one on Newbury Street ( the “Rodeo Drive” of Boston if you will) . They had 3 different vegan goodies but I decided to try the ” Tea Cake” ($3.00) Wheat Batter filled with Chocolate Chips, Dried Fruit, and Banana  molded to a perfect cake for one. This was really delicious and very much enjoyed with a cup of there jasmine green tea! A filling scrumptious vegan goody that I was happy I stumbled upon! The staff was friendly, and they kept very busy! If your ever touring around Boston, Newbury Street is a must so while your there make a stop in at ERC for a hot cup of somethin’ and a little vegan treat! Eat Clean and Green!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Expresso Royale Caffe:

286 Newbury Street

Boston MA.




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