A few of my favorite things…

Hummus Tabouley ($8.99)

Most of my readers know or will see on my blog what a huge fan I am of Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe in Fort Myers FL. I’ve reviewed her amazing food numerous times ( which you can take a look at here) and I have NEVER walked away disappointed ( honestly, I walk away amazed that food can taste THAT good).. I’ve been eating Brooke’s amazing food for years- and she still surprises me with her

Raw Crackers!

creations! Her menu is extensive and full of healthy goodness! I love everything she puts in front of me so I thought I would review a couple of unique creations from Chef Brooke:) To begin one of the best dishes to order for an appetizer is the “Hummus Tabouley Platter” ($8.99) Homemade Hummus ( in this case RAW HUMMUS) with fresh Tabouley seasoned perfectly, served with Crudites and

Chocolate Faerie Cake ($2.99)

RAW Crackers. The raw hummus has the most delicious taste ever! Nothing I have ever eaten compares to this stuff, it is addictive .. I could eat a bowl of this hummus with a giant spoon, but Chef Brooke takes it a step further.. Having the normal (incredibly fresh) crudites ..she also makes her own RAW crackers.. Spectacular is the word that comes to mind.. Crisp and flavorful. A cracker with the

Chocolate Pineapple Muffin ($2.99)

raw hummus is my bread and butter simply put. except much healthier;) Chef Brooke is also quite talented when it comes to the baked goods..mhmm. A popular treat is the “Chocoalte Faerie Cake” ($2.99) Vegan Vanilla Cupcake Covered in Chocolate Frosting. Melt in your mouth scrumptious. I have no idea how she makes that frosting taste SO yummy, but keep it coming! After eating one of these cupcakes my mom and I both agreed we could have eaten the whole batch;) Next is the “ Chocolate Pineapple Muffin”($2.99) Fresh Vegan Batter with Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips and Fresh Cut Pineapple. Chef Brooke always gets creative and changes the flavorings..sometimes berries, different nuts, chocolate, fruits.. always something delicious. This pineapple one is no exception- gooey, fresh, juicy pineapple.. mhmmmmm.. I love and adore Chef Brooke and her Cafe.. SO you  MUST MUST stop in !! Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe:

1850 Boy Scout Drive

Fort Myers Fl.



BabyCakes: first love:)

Banana Bread *favorite*

So when I first moved up to NYC Babycakes become my first love… How could you blame me with all of the delicious vegan goodies they offer?! Sad to say I hadn’t been in a while..until today!:) Finally made my way back down to the Lower East Side to see my favorite Babycakes employee Jessie, and to get

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

some of the most amazing Vegan Loaves in the world. Babycakes offers vegan desserts, as well as sugar free and Gluten Free like: Cookies, Loafs, Cakes, Cupcakes, Donuts, and the tastiest frosting known to NYC. Today I got 3 different pieces of the loaves.. first off the ” Banana Bread” ( $3.95 a slice or $30 a loaf)

Pumpkin Bread

Fresh Bananas mixed with vegan batter with a few delicious ingredients to make this loaf of perfection. This Banana Bread is my * favorite* of all the choices.. The banana is so fresh and gooey  and the batter is moist.. oh delicious! Next up is the “ Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf($3.95 a slice or $30 Loaf) Fresh vegan Banana Bread mixed with Mini Chocolate Chips. This one is pretty tasty as well..  The Banana Bread to me is good enough on its own, but if you have a chocolate sweet tooth this bread will give ya what you need;)! Last and not least is the “Pumpkin Bread ($3.95 a slice/ $30 a loaf) Fresh Pumpkin with Agave with Vegan Baking batter baked up and served fresh. This pumpkin bread is scrumptious! Perfect for the holiday season and chilly weather. This with a cup of tea is simply happiness. I adore Babycakes and always love visiting the great staff that works there. Its a relaxed and welcoming environment with some of the the coolest employees you will ever meet! Babycakes is a MUST if your in NYC ( they also have a store in Orlando and Los Angeles – so you have no excuse not to check it out..of course Im partial to the NYC location;)}. Love You Babycakes!!

Peace, Love, and Babycakes,



248 Broome St.

New York NY.



Soy Cafe: West Village hot spot:)

Soy Cafe

So Soy Cafe is situated on a quaint little block on Greenwich Ave, not far from the subway. One of the most popular cafes for students hanging out finishing up some school work.. a very peaceful environment and friendly staff. The Cafe offers Soups, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Paninis, Soy Frosts, Salads, Hot Drinks, Crepes, and a ton of Vegan Treats. They are not entirely vegan and most of the items on their menu will include chicken or tuna but can easily be substituted for soy chicken, or tofu! I wasn’t sure

3 Lentil Chili ($6)

what to get but a friendly patron was quick to offer some suggestions! I started off with “Three Lentil Veggie Chili” ($6.00) Lentils Mixed with a Tomato Based Sauce with Veggies and a hit of Spice. This was a fantastic HUGE bowl of chili! It was filled with lentils and had just the right amount of spice..served with 2 small pieces of toasted whole grain bread. Really yummy and perfect for a chilly overcast day like today. I also got a ” Joy Chicken Salad($12.00) Soy Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato, Artichoke, and

Joy Salad ($12)

Asparagus. This salad was tasty not overly flavorful but a nice light salad with fresh seasonal veggies… Loved the asparagus and artichoke in the salad.. so unique and delicious! Then comes dessert I was told by a helpful patron that the PB Cookie “melts in your mouth” so I wasn’t about to turn that down! “Peanut Butter Cookie” ($2.50) Fresh Peanuts mixed with a Healthy Batter to form a delicious cookie. It totally does melt in your mouth.. The first bite was just gooey and fresh and oh so good. I also

Chocolate Chip & PB Cookie ($2.5)

took a couple to nibble for this review and save the rest for later. “Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($2.50) Cookie Batter filled with Mini Chocolate Chips. I loved this cookie! It was different than the other vegan chocolate chip cookies I’ve tasted before.. A soft batter but a crunchy bite of chip in there:) Also got the “Pumpkin Spice Cookie” ($2.50) Fresh Pumpkin with Cinnamon and Seasonal Spices baked to perfection. This was a great tasting cookie. A perfect choice for the wintery months.. this with a cup

Pumpkin Spice Cookie ($2.5)

of tea is amazing! All in all I really enjoyed Soy Cafe. Extremely friendly staff and simple but delicious food. If your in the neighborhood stop in for a delicious vegan lunch or a vegan goodie! Eat clean and healthy!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Soy Cafe:

115 Greenwich Avenue

New York NY.


The Simple Kitchen: Simply Delicious!

The Simple Kitchen

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked past The Simple Kitchen while in the artsy area of Chelsea. Honestly I can’t give you a good reason as to why I’ve never stopped in, but today I changed that:) The Simple Kitchen is not entirely vegan ( VERY vegan friendly) so it is a great place to bring friends who enjoy chicken or turkey as well. The Cafe menu is made up of 100% Local and Organic ingredients. They have a large menu full of healthy food

Roasted Squash ($4.5)

including hot drinks, soups, breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, entrees (like veggie curry and basil pesto pasta), numerous side dishes, baked goods,  a weekend brunch menu, and a case full of prepared entrees to go ( that they make fresh when ordered for take in). This place feels like stepping into a fresh garden of delicious veggies.. To start I got the “ Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Fennel ($4.50) Chunks of Butternut

Shaved Cabbage Salad ($10)

Squash with Fresh Fennel and Dried Cranberries. This side dish was so delicious! Some of the freshest squash I have ever eaten.. Im pretty sure they have a garden in the kitchen that they pick from right on the spot;) For my main entree I got the “Shaved Cabbage Salad” ($10.00) Broccoli, Sweet Peppers, Carrots, Mint, Peanuts, Ginger Soy Vinaigrette with Baked Tofu. This dish was unbelievable! Once again I can’t say enough how fresh the vegetables were.. This

Scone ($3.25)

dish is offered hot or cold ( i got hot since its chilly out). It was like a perfect stir fry of fresh veggies with soft tofu and a scrumptious dressing! Of course I couldn’t leave without tasting a couple of their enticing baked goods.. so I ordered the “ Cranberry Chocolate Ginger Scone ($3.25) Fresh Ginger flavor with Chocolate and Fresh Whole Cranberries Mixed in. I loved this scone.. freshly baked with huge Cranberries ( yes, fresh organic cranberries not dried!) This scone

Fig Bar ($3)

just oozed goodness upon entering the mouth. yep oozed.. Then I was told that one bar they have their is a crowd favorite.. naturally I had to try it:) “Gluten Free Fig Bar” ($3.00) Fresh Oats with Fig smeared in between a layered bar. I can totally see why this thing is a best seller. Absolutely divine. So fresh and healthy tasting. ( figs are super good for you). This thing was spectacular.  I really cannot say enough good things about this place.. It also serves as a little organic market ( coffee, some vegan ice creams, teas, granola, drinks, desserts) They really have so much healthy and fresh goodies! The staff is friendly and helpful when ordering , which is sometimes rare to find. I really enjoyed my simple delicious meal at The Simple Kitchen. If you are ever in Chelsea you must stop in and be sure to order something with lots of fresh veggies!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Simple Kitchen:

361 W. 17th Street

New York NY.



JivamukTea Cafe: Cupcake time!

"Coconut Cupcake" ($2.5)

So Im a frequent at JivamukTea Cafe and I normally order the same thing, because it’s so darn good..(oh those oatmeal raisin cookies) sadly they were out of them today.. That did however force me to try a couple of new things ( 1 to go). First off I got the “Coconut Cream Cupcake” ($2.50) Vanilla Batter with a Creamy Vanilla Frosting with Shreds of Coconut on top. This was a scrumptious little cupcake.. Im not a

"Cream Cheese Cupcake" ($3.25)

huge cupcake person but if you are and you enjoy a little coconut kick then you’ll love this cupcake! Next up is the “Black Bottom Cream Cheese Cupcake” ($3.25) Chocolate Battered Cake filled with a Vegan Cream Cheese Center. This was a nice balance of “chocolate” and “cream cheese” filling.. I really enjoyed this one. I must admit though I find the cupcake cost to be a bit much for the size of the cupcake and Im not sure why the cream cheese cupcake cost more?.. These tiny cupcakes put together probably are about the size of what a normal cupcake would be but cost double! Love you JivamukTea but you should lower the cost of the cupcakes.. or keep a full stock of the oatmeal raisin cookies in!! Thanks for all the healthy delicious cookin’ ya do:) Eat Clean and HealthY!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


JivamukTea Cafe:

841 Broadway (2nd FL.)

New York NY.



Real Food Daily: WeHo.

Acai Berry Tea ($3.95)

So I’ve blogged a few things for RFD before, but none of them were as nice as this one will be..and certainly didn’t do them justice.. so heres a post from a recent trip to one of my favorite vegan joints in LA. Before I left LA I wanted to get by for a little something amazing to eat.. Real Food Daily is one of my favorite places in Hollywood to eat! They offer monthly unique specials, soups, sandwiches, main entrees, wraps, fresh juices, desserts, Sunday brunch and some fantastic appetizers:) So today I started off with one of the best teas around “Acai Berry Tea”($3.95) Freshly iced Tea with a mix of Acai and Berry flavoring. I adore this tea.. I

Caesar with Tempeh ($11)

have to be honest it is the biggest reason I love this place! You may think that $3.95 is expensive for tea but it is free refills, and if your like me you get your moneys worth:D For my main entree I got the “Caesar Salad with Blackened Tempeh($11.00 or $8.25 without the Tempeh) Romaine Hearts,

BBQ ($1.50)

Capers, Wheat-Free Blue Corn Croutons, Caesar Dressing with Blackened Tempeh. This is a very delicious caesar salad! I love the fact that they add capers to it.. so unordinary for a caesar but makes it taste even better. The Croutons on this salad are to die for.. the best I’ve ever had! Next, I normally don’t review sauces on


their own,  but the “Hickory BBQ Sauce“($1.50) is the *best* BBQ ever to be eaten. You may find this a little gross but I drizzle it on my salad..and anything else I ever order at RFD ( yes, it is *that* good- I promise)..All the sauces are made fresh on the premises! Now onto dessert…because what is a meal without a good vegan dessert?! I got a couple of things to take for later -which are amazing:) “ Oatmeal Currant Cookie” ($3.25) Fresh Oats mixed with Dried Currants baked to perfection. This is a fantastic cookie.. a little edgy with those currants (watch out oatmeal raisin, the currants are comin‘;) } A tasty cookie that goes great with some acai tea( but what doesn’t?). Next up the “Dark Fudge Brownie” ($4.25) Cakey Chocolate and Chunks of Chips. This is a very “sweet” dessert! It is super delicious if you like “sweet” tasting desserts! Just melts in your mouth.. so, so good.. RFD never disappoints me.. I love the fact that their menu takes a unique approach to some average foods.. A place to stop into if your in LA. (They also have a place in Santa Monica).:) Eat Clean and Healthy:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Real Food Daily:

414 N. La Cienega Boulevard

Los Angeles CA.


M Cafe: Melrose


So before I arrived in LA today I already knew where I would be dining. “M Cafe” has 2 locations in LA ( Melrose/ Beverly Hills), offering up an almost entirely vegan menu with the exception of some fish. All of there food is prepared without the use of dairy, eggs,

Green Mint Tea ($2.5)

refined sugar and everything is prepared using organic ingredients. They also serve up select items from Babycakes Bakery. They have great breakfast items, sunday brunch, sandwiches, salads, a HUGE prepared food case, asian entrees, a kids menu, paninis, juices, and amazing desserts! The staff was so swift and friendly, which always makes the dining experience a little better- not that the food wasn’t good enough:). Let us begin shall we? I decided to get a couple of different things to try first off for my drink I got the “Mint Green Tea”($2.50) Fresh Brewed Green

Scarlet Quinoa ($3.95)

Tea with a hint of Mint. This was a great ice tea! I love that you get your own little bottle of it to pour from. love.love. now the food.. “Scarlet Quinoa Salad” ($3.95) Quinoa mixed with Red Beets, Cucumbers, and Lemon Zest. This was some amazing quinoa…let me tell

M Chopped ($11.45)

you.. a refreshing little appetizer with delicious veggies! For my main entree I had the “M Chopped Salad” ($11.45) Mixed Greens, Avocado, Cucumber, Chickpeas, Herb-Baked Tofu, Scallions, Ume-Pickled Radishes, Carrots, Beets, Tamari- Roasted

Mini Cookies ($1.75/3)

Almonds, and Crumbled Tempeh Bacon with Tofu-Peppercorn Ranch Dressing. So many amazing flavors combine to bring the salad to perfection.. and it certainly was.. I am in love with this salad.. I really believe I could eat this every day of my life without getting

Banana Creme Dessert ($4.25)

tired of it.. you have to try it!! Now dessert..always a favorite to review:). I had a hard time choosing which healthy treat to eat..seeing as they have SO many!! With some help from the counter staff I finally came to a decision. First I got “Mini Chocolate Chip

Mouth Watering..

Cookies” ($1.75 for 3) Mini Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are the perfect little treat if you just want something tasty and sweet ( without sugar!) to tide you over. Not overly filling, but just right! YUM! Then comes the killer amazing dessert…”Chocolate Banana

Thats where it's at:) ..and Shia to:):)

Layer Cake” ($4.75) Layers of Creamy Chocolate Pudding with Fresh Banana with a Crust and Nuts mixed inside. This was one of the best tasting desserts ever to enter my mouth.. I could have eaten 10 of those things, fortunately I only ordered one;) .. this was like banana chocolate pudding madness. mhmmm another *must* try dessert at M Cafe:) Lastly something that made my dining experience 150% MORE exciting then it already was…?? As Im sitting there enjoying my vegan goodie, none other than the gorgeous and talented Shia Labeouf walks in… oh my word..and I thought the dessert was scrumptious;) .. I refrained from being obnoxious and harassing him- seeing as there was a lot of people there and he seemed to be in a hurry.. plus Im not huge on having to get a photo..trust me, I wont forget what he looked like;)..Something else to make your mouth water?? OK, hes at a vegan joint and orders a Green Juice to go.. let me say this: Nothing sexier to me than a man with a green juice, am I right my Vegan Health Nut Ladies? .*deep breath*. ..well thats all for now.. and quite enough I think:D.. Eat Clean, and Healthy and if your lucky with a vision of Shia not far away;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


M Cafe: Melrose

7119 Melrose Avenue

Hollywood CA.


Cibo: Kudos to JFK for bringin it in for the vegans:)

Cibo Express

So while waiting at JFK today for my flight to LA, I came across one of many “Cibo” snack stores located in Terminal 8 of JFK International. There are “Cibo’s” and “Cibo Expresses” located throughout JFK ( in the domestic flight area as well). My flight departed at 6:30 a.m. (as I write this fighting the urge to go to shut my eyes and go to sleep) so I was at the airport a bit to early to be dining on a big meal.. I simply wanted to highlight the fact and offer big kudos to the fact  that JFK’s “Cibo” stores now offer a great vegan selection.  ( LGA airport also offers the same selection at the “Cibo’s” there, but today I flew out of JFK). While looking around the small market place I

Soba Noodles

found a great selection of the “Eco Meal” product line.. They also offer a variety of Vegan sandwiches, Snack Plates, and even Desserts( also options for those of you out there on a Gluten Free Diet!):) This item is a “BuckWheat Soba Noodle DishBuckWheat Noodles Mixed with Vegetables in a Savory Soy Sauce. This is a great dish, offering up the whole grains, and veggies, and some protein mixed in as well. Easy to buy and carry on flight! Just a quick review offering my thanks to the NYC area airports ( and others around the world) for supplying something for us vegans to eat while we wait for our flights!:) Eat Clean and Healthy..even when you travel:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cibo Express:

JFK Terminal 8

New York NY.