Real Food Daily: WeHo.

Acai Berry Tea ($3.95)

So I’ve blogged a few things for RFD before, but none of them were as nice as this one will be..and certainly didn’t do them justice.. so heres a post from a recent trip to one of my favorite vegan joints in LA. Before I left LA I wanted to get by for a little something amazing to eat.. Real Food Daily is one of my favorite places in Hollywood to eat! They offer monthly unique specials, soups, sandwiches, main entrees, wraps, fresh juices, desserts, Sunday brunch and some fantastic appetizers:) So today I started off with one of the best teas around “Acai Berry Tea”($3.95) Freshly iced Tea with a mix of Acai and Berry flavoring. I adore this tea.. I

Caesar with Tempeh ($11)

have to be honest it is the biggest reason I love this place! You may think that $3.95 is expensive for tea but it is free refills, and if your like me you get your moneys worth:D For my main entree I got the “Caesar Salad with Blackened Tempeh($11.00 or $8.25 without the Tempeh) Romaine Hearts,

BBQ ($1.50)

Capers, Wheat-Free Blue Corn Croutons, Caesar Dressing with Blackened Tempeh. This is a very delicious caesar salad! I love the fact that they add capers to it.. so unordinary for a caesar but makes it taste even better. The Croutons on this salad are to die for.. the best I’ve ever had! Next, I normally don’t review sauces on


their own,  but the “Hickory BBQ Sauce“($1.50) is the *best* BBQ ever to be eaten. You may find this a little gross but I drizzle it on my salad..and anything else I ever order at RFD ( yes, it is *that* good- I promise)..All the sauces are made fresh on the premises! Now onto dessert…because what is a meal without a good vegan dessert?! I got a couple of things to take for later -which are amazing:) “ Oatmeal Currant Cookie” ($3.25) Fresh Oats mixed with Dried Currants baked to perfection. This is a fantastic cookie.. a little edgy with those currants (watch out oatmeal raisin, the currants are comin‘;) } A tasty cookie that goes great with some acai tea( but what doesn’t?). Next up the “Dark Fudge Brownie” ($4.25) Cakey Chocolate and Chunks of Chips. This is a very “sweet” dessert! It is super delicious if you like “sweet” tasting desserts! Just melts in your mouth.. so, so good.. RFD never disappoints me.. I love the fact that their menu takes a unique approach to some average foods.. A place to stop into if your in LA. (They also have a place in Santa Monica).:) Eat Clean and Healthy:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Real Food Daily:

414 N. La Cienega Boulevard

Los Angeles CA.



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