Terri: quick and delicious:)

Caesar Salad.

So I’ve raved about Terri in the past  ( which you can check out here) and how fantastic the food  and staff are, so I decided to stop in today for a quick lunch:) That is one of the greatest things about Terri, healthy vegan food made fast! A lot of there cold items ( salads, side salads,baked goods, juices) are made ahead and ready to grab and go, they also have a menu of hot sandwiches and wraps made to order! Today I got the “Soup/Salad Combo” ($12.00) Caesar Salad: Romaine

Caesar all shaken up:)

Lettuce, ‘Chicken’, Tomatoes, Caesar Dressing. ( I also added Soy Bacon $1.50) Soup of the day: Tempeh Chili: Crumbled Tempeh Pieces mixed with fresh Beans, and Veggies in a Tomato based Soup. This was such a yummy meal!! A nice crisp, cold salad with a luscious caesar dressing along with a piping hot Tempeh Chili that was chunky and delicious! The perfect amount and balance of food.. Love it! For dessert I decided to try one of there many delicious baked goods.

Tempeh Chili

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($3.00) Soft gooey vegan batter filled with oozing Chocolate Chips. This cookie was one of the most amazing chocolate chip cookies I’ve eaten- It was so gooey , like fresh out of the oven gooey! The perfect dessert to complete a wonderful meal at Terri!! This is the perfect little place to stop in for something delicious in the Chelsea area of NYC. Check it out Herbies! Eat Clean and Healthy! P.S. Terri opens super early 5:30 a.m. Monday- Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday

Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3)

and Sunday!! Sweet!!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



64 W. 23 St.

New York NY.



Little Lad’s..BIG YUM!

Little Lad's (Lower Level)

The funny thing is that 2 Christmases ago I was shopping around the Columbus Circle Christmas Shops ( 59th street) and came across a vegan goodie booth offering Little Lad’s baked goods. I started talking to the guy about it and he told me I should check out the restaurant in the Financial District, and shamefully I admit I just made it down there today! I have been totally missing out.. Be warned what I am about to tell you is pretty much shocking. There are a ton of places in NYC to find

Part of the spread:)

delicious, organic, vegan food… but you do pay for it ( I mean literally.. we all know that the stigma with being into vegan organic food is that its flipping expensive right?) Little Lad’s is definitely the exception to this very true stigma.. I will start of by telling you what I had to eat and then make your jaw drop by telling you how little it cost me.. Alrighty.. So Little Lad’s as stated is in the Financial District on the lower lever of some Financial Building. The ambience is somewhat of a clean Diner type. I

My Mixed Plate

am told that it is run by Seventh day adventist (but I was never approached by anyone and they don’t “push” anything on you at all}.. They serve a breakfast buffet including: Waffles, Tofu Scramble, Breakfast Potatoes, Oatmeal, Numerous Muffins, Toasts, Fruit, and have a small store with pre packaged baked goods homemade (all vegan)..not to mention there homemade popcorn which people rave about ( I for one am not much for popcorn). In the spirit of being a

Pumpkin Raisin Muffin

blogger I decided to put a little bit of all of it on my plate. “Breakfast Buffet” Tofu Scramble, Breakfast Potatoes, Oatmeal, Fruit, and Homemade Ketchup. This stuff was delicious.. It’s like what we vegans wish was served at those  hotel continental breakfast buffet lines.. The tofu scramble was fresh and full of peppers and onions. The breakfast potatoes were addicting! I have no idea what seasonings they prepare the potatoes with but oh my word scrumptious! I also got a little of the piping hot oatmeal topped

Strawberry Peach Pie

with some fruit which was a healthful mix of yummy! I ate everything on my plate! I also have to sing praises for there “Homemade Ketchup” – the best tasting “ketchup” I’ve ever tasted.. It was so delicious , not to sweet not to sour..perfection! I also got a ” Pumpkin Raisin Muffin” Fruit Juice Sweetened Muffin with fresh Pumpkin and Plump Raisins. This was a wonderful muffin. Tasted delicious and healthy with juicy raisins.. It was perfect with there “butter” spread and some Raspberry

"Have You Been Trusting Your Health and Nutrition to a Clown? The Joke May Be on You!!"

Jam.. mouth watering. I also got a piece of pie to go.. The “Raspberry Peach Pie” Fruit Juice Sweetened Crust Filled with Fresh Raspberry and Peach insides. For all of you Carnivores out there or maybe Herbies who have not always been vegan  just think about those fresh classic pieces of pie you use to indulge in and this is it….without the sugar and fat and animal products…Scrumptious – This pie has the perfect crispy crust and a juicy fruit inside.. Let me tell you, you could fool a few meat eaters with this pie! To Die for. This place is definitely different than any other vegan joint I’ve dined in and does things a little different. Cash only and the place is really quiet, some may even say strange.. But to me if the food is butt kickin who cares? All about making the body healthy and the tummy happy! Like I said since it is a little different I had a hard time reading the receipt- but I did promise to tell you how LITTLE I spent on my breakfast..ready?? a whole $6.50- NO IM NOT KIDDING! I


enjoyed an organic vegan meal plus dessert and a bottled water for a total of $6.50… that is just shocking– especially in NYC where everything is expensive! So my interpretation of the receipt is that the buffet cost me about $2.99 ( ridiculously cheap) and the pie and muffin must have cost about $1.50 each and then the bottled water for $.50. That is crazy my friends… all of that food for such a small amount.. wow, dreams do come true;).. Along with the buffet you can order a few specialty items to be made in the kitchen while you wait. They also serve a lunch buffet with some unique homestyle vegan dishes for only $4.98.. Oh side note: for whatever reason they don’t have pepper, every table had a salt shaker but a pepper shaker was no where to be found. hm . oh well the food was VERY well seasoned! Eat CHEAP and HEALTHY- yes, it can be done my friends even in ol’ New York City:)

Little Lad’s:

120 Broadway ( Lower Level)


Steaz..My new favorite drink!

Blueberry Pomegranate ($1.59)

So standing in line at Wholefoods the other day ( which I’ve done a million times before) I saw a new drink staring at me from the drink cooler not far from the line…”Zero Calorie” caught my eye so I had to check it out ( because really who isn’t interested in zero calorie???) Steaz is a health company manufacturing organic micro- brewed tea…and now ZERO CALORIE Steaz. which was named the “Best New Organic Beverage”. The zero calorie line has a few different flavors like : raspberry, orange, black cherry, and my personal favorite blueberry

Orange ($1.59)

pomegranate ( Im drinking one now:D). This 12 fl oz. drink is brewed with sparkling green tea, has 120 mg of antioxidants, and full of B Vitamins and is sweetened naturally with stevia.. I know some of you are rolling your eyes ( calorie free cannot taste good!..oh it can).. This is my favorite drink and definitely worth a try! I found my steaz at Wholefoods in NYC, but they can most likely be found at any health food store !!  Cheers!


Peace, Love, and Vegan Drinks,


Steaz Sparkling:


Elm Health Store: Greenwich Village!

Elm Health Greenwich Village!

SO I was super excited to come across a new Health store that opened up in Greenwich Village ( just on the border of Chelsea) “Elm Health Store” carries organic grocery, produce, skin care and cosmetic products, nutritional supplements. They also have a juice bar and a full service pharmacy. It’s quite a large store that carries some amazing Vegan stuff! They have some organic salads, sandwiches and also carry Vegan Diva’s Desserts! It’s a great addition to Greenwich Village! A great place to stop in if you need to get some grub to cook up at home, want to stop in for a

Bakery Case!

fresh juice, or maybe a vegan snack!! Check out Elm Health!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Elm Health Store:

56 7th Avenue

New York NY.


Deli Case!

Aint no diva like a Vegan Diva;)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was walking around Greenwich Village and ran into a new health store “Elm Health” and came upon Vegan Diva’s Baked goods!! I have heard of this company but was only aware that they were sold at stores on the Upper East Side ( for the longest time I’ve been trying to make time to get up there but now I wont have to!). Vegan Diva’s products are 100% vegan, kosher, and parve. They use only local and organic ingredients and all of the products are cholesterol-

Vegan Diva's Variety!

free and healthfully made! They offer cookies, donuts, muffins, chocolate mousse, brownies, macaroons, and many other decadent desserts! Today I decided to try the ” Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($1.99) Fresh Vegan Batter Mixed with Delicious Chocolate Chips. This was a great crunchy cookie! I have been longing to try Vegan Divas and it definitely lived up to my great expectations! Super yummy!! Even better that they now are sold on the west side!! Thanks Vegan Divas!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie ( $1.99)

Vegan Diva’s Website: <– Click here to find Vegan Divas Closest to you!

Elm Health: <– Where I found my Vegan Diva’s

56 7th Avenue

New York NY.



Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Soy Cafe: Panino time;)


SO I have been to Soy cafe only once before but the delicious taste of the vegan cookies and chili brought me back today! The ambience of this place is killer as well. A greenwich village college hotspot very chilled and relaxed:) I thought I would try a little something different- so I could throw out a lovely review for you readers:) So here goes… Today I decided to get the “1/2 Panino, 1/2 Soup” ($12.00) Whole Wheat Bread Pressed on the grill with Soy Ham, Soy Cheese, Spinach, and Artichoke. Served with Three Lentil Vegan Chili. I have reviewed the chili


before here and of course it was as yummy the second time around. I LOVED the panino. Crisp bread with a gooey soy cheese filling and some great soy ham for protein.. along with some healthy spinach and artichokes to make it even better. SUPER yummy- pairs perfectly with the chili ( great for dipping). Fabulous choice, if I do say so myself;) Now onto dessert… First item ” Double Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($2.50) Fresh Chocolaty batter with Chocolate Chips for a crunch. What an amazing succulent cookie… Thick and freshly baked…mhmm.. pass me a plate;)! To go I got

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

a 3 pack of “Kollar’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” ($2.50) Oat Flour with Maple Syrup, Fresh Raisins, flavored with Vanilla and Cinnamon. Kollar’s Cookies is a wheat free and dairy free baking company out of New Jersey- and Soy Cafe carries a few of their goodies.. Thanks Jersaayyy!! These cookies were awesome! Three to a pack and perfectly crunch batter and chewy fresh Raisins… Rock Star cookies my friends really… Another successful meal at Soy Cafe… Never a let down! Check them out if your ever in Greenwich Village! Eat Clean and Healthy!

Kollar's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Soy Cafe:
115 Greenwich Avenue

New York NY.


Earthmatters: and it really does:)

177 Ludlow

Earthmatters is such an appropriate name for this quaint little earth friendly cafe located in the Lower East Side on Ludlow Street. They open early and serve delicious organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They have a huge case of cold prepared salads, hot sandwiches, soups, baked goods, smoothies, fresh juices, and this place is also a grocery

"Large Plate" ($11.95)

store. Earthmatters is not 100% vegan but have a mostly vegan menu and a few non- vegan items. The staff is super friendly- and it’s a cozy place with free wifi!! They have different sized bowls/plates and you choose what cold salads you want.. I got the “Large Mix Plate” ($ 11.95) Sprout Salad, Unchicken Salad with

Chocolate Chip Peanut Cookie

Raisins, Soba Noodles, Roasted Yams with Apples, and Fresh Fruit Salad. YES, all of this on one plate!! They will basically fill this plate up to the top with any mix you choose! All of these dishes were amazing!! Freshly prepared everyday ( and ready early in the morning). I picked some really delicious choices but they have a

Banana Walnut Bread

TON more to choose from! Of course I couldn’t leave without trying a couple of their delicious vegan treats. First I got the ” Chocolate Chip Peanut Cookie ($2.00 – around?) Fresh Chocolate Chips and Peanuts baked up to a crunchy cookie. This was a yummy cookie!! Tasted scrumptious with my hot green tea.. mhm.. perfect for a cold day in nyc! I also got the “Banana Walnut Bread” ($ 2.00 around?) Fresh Banana smashed together with Chunky Walnuts. I really enjoyed this banana bread.  It was super moist and had a great flavor of banana.. which I adore:) All in all I really enjoyed this place…warm, cozy and delicious…and earth friendly..because earthmatters doesn’t it? 😉

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Earthmatters Cafe:

177 Ludlow Street.

New York NY.


JivamukTea: Whoopie pie in the sky;)

Chocolate Whoopie Pie ($4)

So I haven’t kept it a secret- that Im a HUGE fan of JivamukTea Cafe…as you can see in my previous reviews. Today I went back for a little snack and decided to try a little something new:) JivamukTea is home to my favorite vegan oatmeal raisin



cookie, and other delicious food….Now another yummy treat to add to the list “Chocolate Whoopie Pie” ($4.00) Chocolate Batter “cake” with a vanilla cream frosting in the middle. What a delicious Whoopie Pie! I had tried the Pumpkin Whoopie Pie ( which is phenomenal) so I decided to try this one! So glad that I did!! I will say though this thing is filling so it’s a great little snack to split with someone or take home for later!! Love JivamukTea- absolute NYC MUST!! Eat Clean and Healthy Kiddies!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


JivamukTea Cafe:

841 Broadway ( 2nd Fl.)

New York NY.