Earthmatters: and it really does:)

177 Ludlow

Earthmatters is such an appropriate name for this quaint little earth friendly cafe located in the Lower East Side on Ludlow Street. They open early and serve delicious organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They have a huge case of cold prepared salads, hot sandwiches, soups, baked goods, smoothies, fresh juices, and this place is also a grocery

"Large Plate" ($11.95)

store. Earthmatters is not 100% vegan but have a mostly vegan menu and a few non- vegan items. The staff is super friendly- and it’s a cozy place with free wifi!! They have different sized bowls/plates and you choose what cold salads you want.. I got the “Large Mix Plate” ($ 11.95) Sprout Salad, Unchicken Salad with

Chocolate Chip Peanut Cookie

Raisins, Soba Noodles, Roasted Yams with Apples, and Fresh Fruit Salad. YES, all of this on one plate!! They will basically fill this plate up to the top with any mix you choose! All of these dishes were amazing!! Freshly prepared everyday ( and ready early in the morning). I picked some really delicious choices but they have a

Banana Walnut Bread

TON more to choose from! Of course I couldn’t leave without trying a couple of their delicious vegan treats. First I got the ” Chocolate Chip Peanut Cookie ($2.00 – around?) Fresh Chocolate Chips and Peanuts baked up to a crunchy cookie. This was a yummy cookie!! Tasted scrumptious with my hot green tea.. mhm.. perfect for a cold day in nyc! I also got the “Banana Walnut Bread” ($ 2.00 around?) Fresh Banana smashed together with Chunky Walnuts. I really enjoyed this banana bread.  It was super moist and had a great flavor of banana.. which I adore:) All in all I really enjoyed this place…warm, cozy and delicious…and earth friendly..because earthmatters doesn’t it? 😉

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Earthmatters Cafe:

177 Ludlow Street.

New York NY.



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