Little Lad’s..BIG YUM!

Little Lad's (Lower Level)

The funny thing is that 2 Christmases ago I was shopping around the Columbus Circle Christmas Shops ( 59th street) and came across a vegan goodie booth offering Little Lad’s baked goods. I started talking to the guy about it and he told me I should check out the restaurant in the Financial District, and shamefully I admit I just made it down there today! I have been totally missing out.. Be warned what I am about to tell you is pretty much shocking. There are a ton of places in NYC to find

Part of the spread:)

delicious, organic, vegan food… but you do pay for it ( I mean literally.. we all know that the stigma with being into vegan organic food is that its flipping expensive right?) Little Lad’s is definitely the exception to this very true stigma.. I will start of by telling you what I had to eat and then make your jaw drop by telling you how little it cost me.. Alrighty.. So Little Lad’s as stated is in the Financial District on the lower lever of some Financial Building. The ambience is somewhat of a clean Diner type. I

My Mixed Plate

am told that it is run by Seventh day adventist (but I was never approached by anyone and they don’t “push” anything on you at all}.. They serve a breakfast buffet including: Waffles, Tofu Scramble, Breakfast Potatoes, Oatmeal, Numerous Muffins, Toasts, Fruit, and have a small store with pre packaged baked goods homemade (all vegan)..not to mention there homemade popcorn which people rave about ( I for one am not much for popcorn). In the spirit of being a

Pumpkin Raisin Muffin

blogger I decided to put a little bit of all of it on my plate. “Breakfast Buffet” Tofu Scramble, Breakfast Potatoes, Oatmeal, Fruit, and Homemade Ketchup. This stuff was delicious.. It’s like what we vegans wish was served at those  hotel continental breakfast buffet lines.. The tofu scramble was fresh and full of peppers and onions. The breakfast potatoes were addicting! I have no idea what seasonings they prepare the potatoes with but oh my word scrumptious! I also got a little of the piping hot oatmeal topped

Strawberry Peach Pie

with some fruit which was a healthful mix of yummy! I ate everything on my plate! I also have to sing praises for there “Homemade Ketchup” – the best tasting “ketchup” I’ve ever tasted.. It was so delicious , not to sweet not to sour..perfection! I also got a ” Pumpkin Raisin Muffin” Fruit Juice Sweetened Muffin with fresh Pumpkin and Plump Raisins. This was a wonderful muffin. Tasted delicious and healthy with juicy raisins.. It was perfect with there “butter” spread and some Raspberry

"Have You Been Trusting Your Health and Nutrition to a Clown? The Joke May Be on You!!"

Jam.. mouth watering. I also got a piece of pie to go.. The “Raspberry Peach Pie” Fruit Juice Sweetened Crust Filled with Fresh Raspberry and Peach insides. For all of you Carnivores out there or maybe Herbies who have not always been vegan  just think about those fresh classic pieces of pie you use to indulge in and this is it….without the sugar and fat and animal products…Scrumptious – This pie has the perfect crispy crust and a juicy fruit inside.. Let me tell you, you could fool a few meat eaters with this pie! To Die for. This place is definitely different than any other vegan joint I’ve dined in and does things a little different. Cash only and the place is really quiet, some may even say strange.. But to me if the food is butt kickin who cares? All about making the body healthy and the tummy happy! Like I said since it is a little different I had a hard time reading the receipt- but I did promise to tell you how LITTLE I spent on my breakfast..ready?? a whole $6.50- NO IM NOT KIDDING! I


enjoyed an organic vegan meal plus dessert and a bottled water for a total of $6.50… that is just shocking– especially in NYC where everything is expensive! So my interpretation of the receipt is that the buffet cost me about $2.99 ( ridiculously cheap) and the pie and muffin must have cost about $1.50 each and then the bottled water for $.50. That is crazy my friends… all of that food for such a small amount.. wow, dreams do come true;).. Along with the buffet you can order a few specialty items to be made in the kitchen while you wait. They also serve a lunch buffet with some unique homestyle vegan dishes for only $4.98.. Oh side note: for whatever reason they don’t have pepper, every table had a salt shaker but a pepper shaker was no where to be found. hm . oh well the food was VERY well seasoned! Eat CHEAP and HEALTHY- yes, it can be done my friends even in ol’ New York City:)

Little Lad’s:

120 Broadway ( Lower Level)



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