Terri: quick and delicious:)

Caesar Salad.

So I’ve raved about Terri in the past  ( which you can check out here) and how fantastic the food  and staff are, so I decided to stop in today for a quick lunch:) That is one of the greatest things about Terri, healthy vegan food made fast! A lot of there cold items ( salads, side salads,baked goods, juices) are made ahead and ready to grab and go, they also have a menu of hot sandwiches and wraps made to order! Today I got the “Soup/Salad Combo” ($12.00) Caesar Salad: Romaine

Caesar all shaken up:)

Lettuce, ‘Chicken’, Tomatoes, Caesar Dressing. ( I also added Soy Bacon $1.50) Soup of the day: Tempeh Chili: Crumbled Tempeh Pieces mixed with fresh Beans, and Veggies in a Tomato based Soup. This was such a yummy meal!! A nice crisp, cold salad with a luscious caesar dressing along with a piping hot Tempeh Chili that was chunky and delicious! The perfect amount and balance of food.. Love it! For dessert I decided to try one of there many delicious baked goods.

Tempeh Chili

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($3.00) Soft gooey vegan batter filled with oozing Chocolate Chips. This cookie was one of the most amazing chocolate chip cookies I’ve eaten- It was so gooey , like fresh out of the oven gooey! The perfect dessert to complete a wonderful meal at Terri!! This is the perfect little place to stop in for something delicious in the Chelsea area of NYC. Check it out Herbies! Eat Clean and Healthy! P.S. Terri opens super early 5:30 a.m. Monday- Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday

Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3)

and Sunday!! Sweet!!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



64 W. 23 St.

New York NY.



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