Oh Veggie Grill.. Still my beating heart:)

Chill Out Wings($6.25)

So as soon as the plane hit the concrete at LAX I knew I was heading to one of my favorite places in LA, The Veggie Grill🙂 Conveniently located on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood and most recently in Santa Monica. They are a healthy, fast food type place 100% vegan that offers appetizers, salads, side dishes, wraps, and some crazy sandwiches, along with yummy desserts! We headed straight to the WeHo Location ( our favorite) for some delicious grub! We ordered a couple of different things because we were hungry from

Soup & Salad Combo ($8.5)

the long flight ( that ran out of snacks might I add), but also to throw out a fantastic review for you:) So here goes… For our appetizer we got the ” Chill Out Wings” ($6.25) Bite Sized Chillin Chickin’ with our Tangy BBQ Sauce. These are

Bayou Chickin' Sandwich ($8.95)

astonishing, so tasty.. A little crispy but with juice soy chickin’ inside, and the BBQ sauce is one of the most amazing sauces known to man.. yum! The first entree up for review is the ” Soup & Salad Combo” ($8.50) Large

Tortilla Soup ( Sandwich Side)

Soup or Chili with a side serving of an entree salad. I got the “Bean Me Up ChiliRed & White Beans, touch of Sour Cream, and Chopped Green & Red Onion. I love this chili, my mom had eaten it before and said it was

Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.75)

amazing..she wasn’t lying! They serve it with these crispy homemade seeded crackers that are killer! For my salad I chose the “Chop- Chop Chef Salad” Chopped Romaine, Tempeh, Veggie-Steak, Chillin’

Carrot Cake ($3.5)

Chickin’, Green Onion, Roasted Corn Salsa with Chipotle Ranch Dressing ( all of their salads are infused with Quinoa as well, which I LOVE) This salad is delicious, full of different vegan proteins and fresh vegetables.. an all time favorite of mine at The Veggie Grill! The next entree we ordered was the “Bayou Chickin’ Sandwich” ($8.95) Chillin’ Chickin’, Lightly Blackened with Cajun Spices, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Avocado, and Spicy Mayo. What a flavorful sandwich! Of course being a native New Orleans girl I was drawn to the “cajun spices” .. They didn’t disappoint either, spectacular! With your sandwich you also get a side so we decided to get a cup of “ Tortilla Soup” : *Soup of the Day* Fresh Tortilla, with Vegan Cheese Mix with Veggies. Took a little trip south of the border: and what better place than California to do just that! This was a fantastic vegan take on a classic soup. Soup of champions, Ill just say that. So good! We couldn’t leave without doing a little vegan dessert tasting so we ordered 2 different things and split! “Chocolate Chip Cookie”($1.75) Fresh Vegan Batter with Gooey Chocolate Chips and Crushed Walnuts. This was one of the softest most delicious cookies I’ve tasted, tasted spectacular with a nice cold tea on a sunny day in CA. We also got the “ Carrot Cake” ($3.50) Fresh Slivered Carrots mixed in Batter with a Soft Vanilla Cream and Chopped Walnuts. This was a moist flavorful carrot cake, I loved the creamy frosting, with the crunch of the walnuts. OH SO FANTASTIC. Getting hungry as I type… Alrighty kids thats all for today, trust me being in LA I’ll be posting oodle amounts of post to come!! Eat Clean and Healthy:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Veggie Grill:

8000 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles CA.




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