M Cafe:


So M Cafe is one of the greatest places to eat in LA.. I really enjoyed the food last time, so after lunch at a new place today me and my mom decided to stop in for one of their fresh, delicious desserts. Today we got two great things and split for a little mix up:). First up is the “Tiramisu ($5.50) Fresh Cream and Tiramisu Layers


in a cup mixed to perfection. This was amazing!! Each flavor was perfectly balanced and layered. Creamy with some lovely vegan batter in the layers.. love.love.love. We also split the ” Strawberry Shortcake” ($6.25) Fresh Vanilla Cake with Layers of Vanilla Cream and Fresh Strawberries. I adore

Strawberry Shortcake

this little delicacy. Perfectly sweet strawberries that pair deliciously with the cream and batter. YUM! Cannot say enough good things about M Cafe! They have a HUGE menu with fresh, healthy items as well as the yummy desserts, as you can tell;) Keep it healthy!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


M Cafe:

7119 Melrose Ave,

Los Angeles CA.



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