Hugo’s: If you aren’t a Breakfast person- you will be now!

Go Green Frittata

SO the last time my mom and I ate at Hugo’s ( for the first time) we were so impressed we vowed to go back! We also thought the breakfast menu looked amazing!!! So today we headed over for an early Sunday Breakfast! Hugo’s has a HUGE breakfast menu as well as lunch items, and

*best* Frittata 🙂

dessert!*Most* everything can be made vegan if it isn’t as well. We split two items and were blown away.. First we got the “ Go Green Frittata” ($11.65) Made with Tofu, Chard, Beet Greens, Kale, Spinach Puree, Broccolini, Zucchini, Asparagus, Quinoa, Garlic & EVOO. Topped with Alfalfa

Almond Energy Pancakes & Soy Bacon

Sprouts & an Apple-Mango- Mint Sauce. OH MY WORD SO MUCH GREEN- and absolutely delicious and healthy!! It also came with some lovely fresh fruit! All of these great healthy veggies paired perfect with the tofu and the sauce was killer!! One of the best breakfast tofu dishes tasted on this end!! We also got


the ” Almond Energy Pancakes” ($10.65) Pumpkin Seeds, Quinoa, Shredded Coconut, Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Puffed Ruce, Dried Cherries & Cranberries garnished with Fresh Berries & Spiced Agave Syrup. We also added an order of “Veggie Bacon” which was excellent! If you EVER have any vegan pancake dish- make it this one! The absolute best pancakes I have ever eaten.. my mom agreed- we totally scoffed these puppies down! They were full of healthy seeds and the batter was super fluffy.. Pure Pancake Heaven. Breakfast at Hugo’s is *perfect* – This is definitely a place I’ll be visiting for breakfast again ( and lunch)!! Check it out !! Keep it green:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



8401 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles CA.




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