Sante La Brea: “Let them eat cake”!

Carrot Cake {Gluten Free}

So I was so impressed with Sante La Brea last time I visited, that I decided to head back over for lunch today. I loved what I got on my first visit that I ordered the *exact* same thing as last time.. I know


way to broaden my horizons right?! ha.. but I mean if something is that tasty it’s worth getting a second time:) The only thing I did different today was dessert. I had a killer dessert last time I was there the Chocolate Cake, but today I decided to try a new Gluten Free Cake. The “Gluten Free Carrot Cake” ($7.00) Brown Rice Flour, Carrot, Pineapple, Alcohol-Free Vanillla, and Fresh Spices. Dear Sante La Brea, does every piece of cake i eat at your restaurant have to be SO AMAZING??! I think yes! This was like the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten. It’s also Gluten Free and it was so moist { a lot of times gluten free items are really dry}. The frosting on this was just lovely. So flavorful and amazing! Another win for Sante La Brea! Stop in for a bite or just a big bite of dessert- you will never look at a vegan cake the same. 🙂

Peace, Love, and a lot of Vegan Cake,


Sante La Brea:

345 N. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles CA.



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