Sante La Brea: *CLOSING* next month!:(

You Will Be Missed Sante La Brea!

Sante La Brea

“will be closing its doors in a few more weeks – so be sure to stop by & enjoy your Last Supper (or Last Lunch)! We really appreciate (& we will dearly miss) all our loyal customers who have steadfastly supported us over the years…♥ Thanks to you, we can retire on a High Note! =)”

^ This was posted on their Facebook page yesterday:( Sante La Brea is one of my favorite vegan places here in Hollywood.. SO very sad to see them go.. Sante will be missed!! Stop in while you can and eat the grub while it’s there!!


**ALSO: If there is a dish that you particularly LOVE at Sante La Brea they are allowing emails to come in to request recipes for them ( they may not give out recipes for all but its worth a try) You can email them : with any requests!.

Sante La Brea:

345 N. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles CA.

(323) 857.0412



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