lovely little brunch:)

Hummus Tapa

So today me and my dad decided to go for a lovely brunch in the cute little hippie joint Sacred Chow in the West Village. I’ve been a few times and always had a lovely experience. Today our food experience was delicious ( as always). ..the waitress left something to be desired though.. She opened the door 5 minutes before they opened, but didn’t say anything so we were kind of standing there awkwardly awaiting  her to invite us in or just to acknowledge our existence..finally, I asked if they were opened and she acted like I should have known that

Tempeh Strips

they were opening 5 minutes early today.? Ok.. I wont go into detail but in general she was just a bit rude and uninviting..acted annoyed that we were there to eat.. scorned me for dropping my fork.. I felt like a child almost being punished after dropping a utensil..( oh no, not the fork!) ..let’s just say the service was disappointing today seeing as in the past I’ve always been treated so well ( they even used my picture for the tempeh reuben on there menu.) OK so to the good stuff.  We were feeling in a bit of a “lets try lots of different goodies today” mood, so we went

Seitan Sausage

for the “3 tapas dish” ($18.00) 3 different Tapas from their huge menu of Tapas.. Choice #1: Hummus & Crostini: Homemade Lemon Tahini Hummus served with Crispy Crostini Dippers. This was amazing hummus, so refreshing and a little tangy with the lemon.. super yum. The Crostini’s were also killer! Choice #2: Tempeh Strips: Fresh Marinated Tempeh served with a Mustard Sauce. I really enjoyed this tempeh, it came with some crispy pieces and soft ones for a good mix.. the mustard sauce was tart and flavorful! mhm!

Better than biscuits & gravy.

Choice #3: Seitan Sausage (special): Fresh Grilled Seitan Patties served with Soy Cheese and Sauerkraut. This stuff was very tasty! It was their special tapa of the day and it was a fantastic choice..the cheese dip was really good almost like a hummus! My dad ordered the “Better than Biscuits & Gravy” ($13.75) Two Biscuit halves layered with Steamed Greens and Tofu Scramble ; with White Gravy. My Lord, they said “better than” and they meant it.. first off the plate was SO much food that my dad and I combined couldn’t finish it off.. absolutely amazing.. my dad is a huge “tofu scramble” guy and he was impressed. 🙂 Just an amazing brunch to say the least! Sacred Chow has a huge, unique menu full of healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, veggies, and the brunch is the best ever! ALSO: the portions are giant sized so you can totally get yourself two meals out of it!! Eat Clean. .. just don’t drop your fork;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Sacred Chow:

227 Sullivan Street.

New York NY.




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  1. Cliff Preefer
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 03:05:54

    So sorry bout Harriet today! She is always lovely and special. I know she had a few things on her mind that were upsetting, and obviously they must have projected themselves beyond that place.
    I Am so happy to read how much u and ur dad loved your meal. The main mission is to make less violence happen. U and ur dad contributed 2 that goal by eating more plant proteins! Making less violence happen from wi when we’re upset or agitated isn’t always so simple, but that’s the practice. On the pushing subway, crowded streets, agitated lives…the universe is begging us 2 learn. All takes time, forgiveness and great patience. Eat more plant proteins: make less violence! Yes, that’s sacred chow. And u , ur dad & me. And sometimes the crowds and life push us in2 a place where we don’t feel so sacred. That’s okay, we’re learning, the universe is teaching. And u teach me, and I teach u, and we teach Harriet…and maybe, just maybe, we’ve made less violence happen.
    Thank u for writing such wonderful things bout sacred chow, and 4 making less violence happen. much love & peace, cliff p.


    • veganscraps
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 14:04:27

      ! I appreciate your response! I totally understand and agree with everything that you said. We all have bad days and I definitely wont judge the restaurant or food by an employee who had a bad day. I just wanted people who read my blog to do the same; because the food is worth sitting through anything!:) I am a HUGE fan of Sacred Chow and always enjoy the service there ( im not sure the name of the server but I normally have man who is VERY helpful working). Thank you for everything that you guys do, you are really making a difference in the world and making being vegan so much more enjoyable- NYC would be a lonely place without Sacred Chow!!! ( enjoyed your booth at the Vegetarian Food Festival yesterday as well!)) Blessings and Cheers!
      Vegan Scraps!


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