Native Foods.. I love you.. thats all:)

Wild Buffalo Ranch Salad!

It had been a while since I’ve gone to Native Foods, but seeing that they added a couple of new items to their menu I head to head down to check it out!  They have a fantastic menu with different salads, earth bowsls, sandwiches, pizza, nachos, wraps, desserts.. SO much! I love the salads, and seitan and Native Foods so I tried a new menu item that included those items.. The “Wild Buffalo Ranch Salad ($9.95) Romaine Hearts, Jicama, Tortilla Croutons tossed in a Creamy Ranch & topped with Red Onions, Black Beans, Corn, and their Native Seitan

Mac & Cheese

Strips slathered with Louisiana Hot Sauce. Im always struck by any menu item that says ‘louisiana hot sauce’ – me being a ‘Nawlins’ native and all, I have to see how well they did at kickin up the heat (bam!).. This salad was so fantastic!  FULL of fresh black beans and crunchy veggies.. now the verdict on the ‘louisiana hot sauce ‘ : I was pleasantly surprised this actually was pretty spicy.. normally when I have anything “spicy” it means you can taste it, but they did a fantastic job of ‘kickin it up a notch’ . SO Great job on that one! I also for the longest time have been

PB Parfait ; love.

wanting to try their “mac & cheese” and today I finally did! “Freddies Mac & Cheese ($1.95)  Quinoa “super” Pasta with a cow friendly Cheese Sauce * Broccoli Trees. Soy and Wheat Free. This was really great mac and cheese!! It was very creamy and soft yummy noodles.. just perfect! Now onto dessert! Today I got the “ Peanut Butter Parfait” ($2.95) Creamy whipped Peanut Butter Filling layered between Boogie Bar Crumbles & Chocolate Chips. Agave Sweetened. Hook me up to a drip! This stuff was amazing!! Moist boogie bar pieces ( coconut, chocolate, nut bar) with the creamiest pudding like pb layered. OH my too good!! LOVE IT! I am a huge supporter of Native Foods,and am loving their new menu items!! Eat clean and Green!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Native Foods:

1110 1/2 Gayley Ave.

Los Angeles CA.



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