Vegan Ice Cream in Fort Myers??

Cool Hand Luc's

So I was pretty stoked when I found a new place in Fort Myers Cool Hand Luc’s that offered up vegan ice cream, sandwiches, salads, soups, and coffees. I wasn’t looking for a new vegan place to eat because when Im in the Fort I eat at Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe everyday ( because there is no food around


to compare), but she was out of town so I decided to check this new place out for a review! My mom and I arrived right at noon when they opened only to find 1 counter person working. This method may work if we were the only customers except that it was his first day ( alone) and he had no idea where or what anything was..First we’ll

Corn "soup"

discuss food then I will mention the other qualms I had with this place through out  unfortunately. We started off with the “Hummus with Crunchy Pita Chips” ($4.00) Fresh Hummus served with Homemade Pita Chips.UM, except that the new server couldn’t find the pita chips after searching for a while so we had to

Tempeh Pita

settle for torn pita bread (packaged) and veggies. We also wanted to try a cup of the soup of the day  “Corn Chowder” ($ 3.00) Corn Soup. I have to be honest, this tasted like a canned cream of corn you would buy at your local grocery store, on top of that he warmed it in the microwave and it came out cold, to which he said ” if its still cold I

"tempeh" pita

can stick it back in the microwave..” HM not so reassuring. So after our appetizer arrived and we ate it another customer came in and ordered food leaving us waiting for ours quite a while. I understand if your new but we arrived first and you should kindly tell the next customer that your shorthanded and will be right with them.

Ice Cream

He didn’t do that he made there food and shake before even beginning ours. This is now about an hour into our meal waiting…He finally got to ours the “Tempeh Ranch Pita($6.00) Whole Wheat Pita filled with Ranch, Tempeh, Lettuce, and Onion.  While he was warming our tempeh in the microwave he discovered that they only

Vanilla Bean

had enough tempeh for one (what we got was not even enough for one) so we had to choose who got to eat that day. It was basically just a packaged piece of Pita bread with about 2 slices of tempeh and a slab of lettuce. At the end of our meal we were needless to say unsatisfied and felt as if we had only eaten pita bread and corn for our 2 hour

Chocolate Chip Cookie

lunch.. Even after a disaster lunch we still wanted to try the dessert ( seeing as we were still starved) So We tried a mix of Ice Creams ” Oreo Mint, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Bean($3.25) Fresh Vegan Homemade Ice Cream filled with the different listed ingredients. This stuff was incredible! Fresh and creamy- YUM! We also decided to get a “Chocolate Chip Cookie” ($1.50) Homemade Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. This was one of the best cookies I’ve eaten. It was warm and gooey, just perfect. YUM! I think that the ice cream and the cookies were the only thing at Cool Hand Luc’s that was homemade and not microwaved or packaged.  I really wanted to LOVE this place and I will say the desserts were yummy BUT the food was simple, cheap, and cold and the customer service or lack of was simply unacceptable. The only thing I would go for would be the ice cream. Maybe Cool Hand Luc’s should add another hand to help out with the custom service next time..

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Cool Hand Luc’s:


2040 Collier Ave.

Fort Myers, FL.



Snoballs Etc. ; Snowballs= a *must* in New Orleans!

Ice Heaven 🙂

Snowballs are a cheap, simple idea that rock my world. It is just shaved ice with a syrup of your choice. In my case I go for the sugar free. They have a ton of flavors strawberry ( my personal favorite) , sour apple, wedding cake, ice cream, cherry, you name it they make it! They also have some fabulous sugar free flavors like; pina colada, pineapple, cajun prailine, coconut, cherry, strawberry, and so much more! I always get the “20 ounce Strawberry & Cajun Prailine Mix($2.00) Freshly shaved ice with Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup & Cajun Prailine. NEVER have a tasted such a yummy snowball! I love these, I totally stopped in twice a day for one:):) My parents and I both agree that strawberry is the winner here, BUT the Cajun Prailine paired with it is pure snowball heaven!! You have to get one if you make it down to New Orleans!

Peace, Love, and Snowballs,


Snoballs Etc.

*numerous snowball stands found everywhere in New Orleans.*

Vegan Frappuccinos? HECK YES!


SO for the longest time I have been craving a vegan type frapp.. I always assumed that Starbucks wouldn’t be able to make me a vegan one, but today I was proven wrong! Starbucks offers hot and cold drinks with soy milk substitute available for us vegans, and now they have vegan frappuccino syrups! wahoo!! Today I went to the Starbucks at The Grove here in Hollywood (the one inside of Barnes and Noble) and they were super helpful and made a delicious drink! I decided to order a “Venti Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Frappuccino” ($4.45) Soy Milk blended with fresh Shots of Expresso and Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Syrup. YUMMY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drink!! It was perfectly blended and tasty with a lovely hit of expresso in there.! Just what I needed! SO excited that I can get my Vegan Frapp Fix!! Thanks Starbucks! Drink Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,



189 Grove Drive (Suite K 30)

Los Angeles CA.


Whole Foods; Arabella Station.

Killer Cinnamon Roll!

The Whole Foods market located on Magazine Street in New Orleans is a delight for the city in my opinion! It’s a great big store sitting right in the heart of historic New Orleans! Great location to stop in if you’ve been shopping on the fabulous Magazine Street! They offer up a huge store with fresh produce, dried fruits, body supplies, pizza, a hot and cold bar, coffee bar, and a crazy good vegan pastry case! My mom and I stopped in for a tasty little ‘dessert’ and our socks were knocked off! We decided to split


the “Cinnamon Roll” ($1.99) Freshly baked Cinnamon Roll with Creamy Icing. Oh Lord, this thing was just a melt in the mouth addictive little treat. My mom is the one who decided to get it and it was the best decision! I loved this thing! MHM I also got a couple of muffins to have for breakfast the next couple of days. First up the classic “Blueberry Muffin ($1.99) Fresh Wheat Batter filled with Blueberry Muffins.I love Blueberries and this muffin was full of them! It was simple, healthy and light. Smitten with this muffin:) I also got the

gooey greatness!

Apricot Bran Muffin ($1.99) Bran Batter filled with Fresh Apricots. This muffin was just ok ( I mean coming up against that cinnamon roll and muffin its hard to beat). It was a little dry for my taste, but then again Im not a huge fan of apricot muffins. It was ok though!! Over all a great trip to Whole Foods on Magazine. Check it out if your ever shopping on Magazine, you won’t be sorry! Eat Sweet:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Whole Foods:

5600 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA.


Whole Foods; Metairie.

Coffee Goodness!

While visiting my parents in New Orleans, me and my mom became frequent lunch goers at the Whole Foods in Metairie! This is one of my favorite Whole Foods stores ever! It’s a big store with tons of groceries, prepared foods, a great salad and hot bar serving breakfast and lunch, a fresh made make your own area, some delicious vegan pastries, and a fabulous coffee bar! I will start off with a delicious drink they are offering at their coffee bar down there the “Cafechata ($2.79) Almond Milk blended with fresh Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Expresso ( make sure you ask for vegan). This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had, I got one every morning without fail! Just perfect on a hot Nawlins’ day! They also have a “Make your own trail mix bar”($2.99 pound *i

Trail Mix

believe*) A mix of Dried Fruit, Nuts, Granola, and different Mixes. I LOVED this bar, what a great idea.. making your own personal mix! Such a spectacular snack! Now onto our delicious hot bar goodie “Hot/Cold Bar” ($7.99/pound) Tofu Scramble, Quinoa, Fresh Veggies, Sesame Noodles, and Roasted Potatoes. They have the *Best* tofu scramble I’ve had, it was slightly crisp and perfectly seasoned ( new orleans knows

and thats lunch!

how to use there spices!). I looked forward to the same thing everyday! MHM. Last but not least was the celebration of my moms birthday! No birthday is complete without a vegan cake, and Whole Foods was my go to place! I ordered her a “Vegan Carrot Cake” ($12.99) Fresh batter filled with Carrots and Walnuts baked to perfection and topped with a Cream Frosting. This cake was rockin! Great job Whole Foods!! My mom

Let them eat cake!

couldn’t get enough of it!! Made her birthday even more special:):)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Whole Foods:

3420 Veterans Blvd.

Metairie, LA.


Whole Foods: West Hollywood

$5.99 on Wednesday Baby!

West Hollywood has two Whole Foods locations not to far from each other. I have found that the location on West 3rd has more vegan options. This Whole Foods has a hot bar, salad bar, bakery case ( normally with vegan cookies, pastries, and breads), a chinese bar, Sushi, and coffee area; they also serve as a full service grocery and body store! Im writing this specific post to bring light to the $5.99 hot bar Wednesdays. The Salad/Hot bar is normally $7.99/pound but on Wednesday’s it is now $5.99- woot woot! I made me a lovely salad from the “Salad Bar($5.99/pound {$7.99}} Fresh Spinach, Kale, and Romaine Leaves topped with Quinoa, Garbanzos, Fresh Veggies, Berries, and Dried Fruit, with Diced Seitan. Served with a Acai Berry Dressing. One reason I really enjoy Whole Foods is because you can get a HUGE variety of fresh food for a pretty reasonable price ( especially on Wednesday). Always a fan of Whole Foods, be sure to check it out on a Wednesday for a good deal!! Eat Clean!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Whole Foods:

6350 West 3rd St.

Los Angeles, CA.


Slim Goodie’s Diner:

Slim Goodies!

Slim Goodie’s Diner is a “greasy spoon” type place, located on Magazine Street in the Garden District of the great New Orleans. At first glance you wouldn’t think this would be a place to find anything vegan, and yet we have! As far as vegan goes the options are pretty much as follows; oatmeal, grits, fruit, a tofu scramble dish, a vegan burger, chili, soups, salads,hash browns, soy milk, and some tempeh bacon! That is a lot being in New Orleans! 🙂 My mom and I dined here and since it was early we decided to try

Vegan Slammer..

their version of the ever so classic ( in the vegan world that is) ‘tofu scramble’. We got the “Vegan Slammer” ($8.50) Hash Browns, Tofu Scramble, & Smoked Tempeh Bacon smothered with Veggie Chili.  I would say that slammer was the


most appropriate word for this dish! It was pretty good, we split it because it was VERY filling! It was hot and the chili and bacon were fantastic! The Tofu was a little soft for my liking but overall a good breakfast. Im also a HUGE lover of grits, so after finding out that they were vegan I had to have me some! “Grits ($1.25) Huge bowl of steaming hot Grits topped with fresh ground Pepper.  They made a fresh batch and it was a giant amount! I adore grits with fresh pepper, so these were killer!! YUM! It was all pretty delicious, just keep in mind more of a ‘hearty’ type vegan breakfast!! Eat Slim;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Slim Goodie’s Diner:

3322 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA.


daily 6 a.m. – 3 p.m.