Whole Foods; Arabella Station.

Killer Cinnamon Roll!

The Whole Foods market located on Magazine Street in New Orleans is a delight for the city in my opinion! It’s a great big store sitting right in the heart of historic New Orleans! Great location to stop in if you’ve been shopping on the fabulous Magazine Street! They offer up a huge store with fresh produce, dried fruits, body supplies, pizza, a hot and cold bar, coffee bar, and a crazy good vegan pastry case! My mom and I stopped in for a tasty little ‘dessert’ and our socks were knocked off! We decided to split


the “Cinnamon Roll” ($1.99) Freshly baked Cinnamon Roll with Creamy Icing. Oh Lord, this thing was just a melt in the mouth addictive little treat. My mom is the one who decided to get it and it was the best decision! I loved this thing! MHM I also got a couple of muffins to have for breakfast the next couple of days. First up the classic “Blueberry Muffin ($1.99) Fresh Wheat Batter filled with Blueberry Muffins.I love Blueberries and this muffin was full of them! It was simple, healthy and light. Smitten with this muffin:) I also got the

gooey greatness!

Apricot Bran Muffin ($1.99) Bran Batter filled with Fresh Apricots. This muffin was just ok ( I mean coming up against that cinnamon roll and muffin its hard to beat). It was a little dry for my taste, but then again Im not a huge fan of apricot muffins. It was ok though!! Over all a great trip to Whole Foods on Magazine. Check it out if your ever shopping on Magazine, you won’t be sorry! Eat Sweet:)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Whole Foods:

5600 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA.



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