Snoballs Etc. ; Snowballs= a *must* in New Orleans!

Ice Heaven 🙂

Snowballs are a cheap, simple idea that rock my world. It is just shaved ice with a syrup of your choice. In my case I go for the sugar free. They have a ton of flavors strawberry ( my personal favorite) , sour apple, wedding cake, ice cream, cherry, you name it they make it! They also have some fabulous sugar free flavors like; pina colada, pineapple, cajun prailine, coconut, cherry, strawberry, and so much more! I always get the “20 ounce Strawberry & Cajun Prailine Mix($2.00) Freshly shaved ice with Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup & Cajun Prailine. NEVER have a tasted such a yummy snowball! I love these, I totally stopped in twice a day for one:):) My parents and I both agree that strawberry is the winner here, BUT the Cajun Prailine paired with it is pure snowball heaven!! You have to get one if you make it down to New Orleans!

Peace, Love, and Snowballs,


Snoballs Etc.

*numerous snowball stands found everywhere in New Orleans.*


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