The return of Ada’s…

Ada's returns...

Ada’s Natural Store use to be the only real health food store/cafe to get some healthy and organic in the Ft. Myers area. I was a frequent (most everyday) for lunch seeing as the cafe use to be run by Chef Brooke who has now branched out and opened her own very successful Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe not to far away from Ada’s. The “old” Ada’s ended up closing down ( due to the economy) for over a year, and has

"hot bar"

now made a return(with new owners)! I had to stop in to check out the new Ada’s seeing as I was such a faithful customer in the past. The store hadn’t changed to much as far as the grocery section was concerned. To be honest it really wasn’t that impressive though, the prices were not anything to get excited about, and the store wasn’t overflowing with products.. I really was interested to eat lunch at the new

the no name soup..

“Ada’s Natural & Organic Garden Cafe’.. I mean, can they really make it work without Chef Brooke? I had my doubts, and they seem to prove true unfortunately. On the website they mention that they offer a variety of organic, natural, vegan, and gluten free foods. They also mention that they have a hot bar & salad bar like the Ada’s back in the day as well as some pre made wraps available for purchase

our mix for the day..

and the smoothie bar which looked kind of good… My mom and I arrived and noticed that the hot bar had been cut down in size from when Brooke was chef there. They only had a tofu dish, a rice dish, and a soup for us vegans, oh and the salad bar ( not a lot going on). I was really craving a vegan baked good that day but I didn’t see anything vegan in the case ( even more annoying, I called the day before and was told they


had a ton of vegan goodies..what??). I asked the girl at the counter if they had any vegan baked goods, and she looked bewildered and then told me that they had “chocolate mousse” .. I don’t think you bake a chocolate mousse? Needless to say they had NO vegan goodies for me, despite the fact that the menu says “Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcake”. If it is on the menu, then it should be available daily..or it shouldn’t be on the menu. The cupcake also cost $4, that is a little steep for what they offer up if you ask me. We got a cup of the small soup it didn’t have a tag for what it was but I believe it was some kind of a “Veggie Barley Soup” ($4.99) Barley with a Tomato base and Veggies. The soup was pretty good, slightly bland but it was hot and had a lot of veggies. We then decided to try the dishes at the hot bar (only 2) “Hot Bar Mix” ($7.99/pound) A Tofu Stir Fry, Mixed Veggies, Salad, and a Rice Dish ( once again no tag, so I have no idea what was in it, just that it was vegan). ¬†Overall the food was ok, nothing to exciting, like the soup most of it was pretty bland. The rice dish had the most flavor and tasted pretty good. I can’t say that I’ll eat at Ada’s again, they don’t have any vegan baked goods ( I went by another day in the week to check and nothing still), and limited vegan hot bar items that aren’t anything to special.. I really wanted Ada’s to be as amazing as before, but I guess the cafe just isn’t the same spectacular place it was with Chef Brooke in the house!

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


Ada’s Whole Foods Market:


4650 S. Cleveland Ave.

Fort Myers, FL.



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