“Where great food comes naturally..”

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I’ll start of by saying that Laguna Beach is gorgeous in it’s own right..I mean what could make the beautiful beach, the clean streets, and the fresh air even better? I will tell you… The Stand on Thalia St. This 100% Vegan joint is one of the most amazing eateries I’ve experienced in all of my culinary adventures. I’ll admit that I didn’t find this place on a whim, being the vegan blog junkie I am I searched for a great lunch place before my mom and I headed down. We could not have asked for a better lunch while in Laguna!  They have a crazy HUGE menu- I mean seriously it took us about 10 minutes to decided and I still wasn’t sure.. EVERYTHING sounds amazing! They have sandwiches, wraps, veggie bowls with different ingredients, tamales, burritos, salads, tons of soups, desserts, smoothies, fresh juices, and amazing fresh fruit soft serve! Overwhelmingly amazing! My mom and I decided to get a few different dishes to split/try.. ( LOVE having mom here to split things with woohoo!) So let’s begin! We started off with the “Bean Pate and Tortilla Chips”($2.25) Homemade Bean Pate mixed with a fresh Homemade Salsa,and seasoned to perfection.  I have got to be honest, being that it was basically just a small bean dish I wasn’t expecting to much…but this was SO GOOD, It tasted so fresh and yummy. You can tell the beans had been made in house! We then decided to get two cups of soup the “Tortilla Soup” ($2.50) Homemade Tortilla Soup. & “Cauliflower Soup” ($2.50) Homemade Cauliflower Soup. They were so sweet and gave us samples of both of these and we couldn’t get enough!! These were hot and thick and just amazing!! Some of the tastiest soup ever! MHM Great way to start the meal right there!! The next dish was the “Special Tamale and Guacamole Plate” ($8.50)  Vegetable Tamale covered with Tamale Sauce, with Beans, Guacamole, Mild Salsa, and Cabbage Salad with Sweet & Sour Dressing.. KILLER TAMALE PLATE, I normally don’t get tamales but this called to me and it was just decadent! It was all so flavorful and cooked so perfectly!! LOVED IT! The dressing on the cabbage salad was so tasty!! Since that plate had so many side items and was so big we also got the “Potato and Guacamole Burrito($6.95) Potato Mix, Guacamole, Beans, Romaine Lettuce, Chiles, and Salsa in a Whole Wheat Tortilla. Another home run dish! Succulent, flavorful, and just simply delicious! It was super unique to put potatoes in their, gave it an extra somethin’ somethin’ ;)! SO as you can tell our main lunch dishes were spectacular..NOW onto dessert! The Stand has this really healthy, interesting dessert type dish (if you can call it dessert) its a fresh fruit soft serve, and it really is just fruit smoothed into ‘soft serve’ they have a lot of different fruit flavors and toppings all vegan and no sugar, salt or ANYTHING ELSE! We got the “Banana, Strawberry (with Cocoa Powder topping $.50 Extra), and Pineapple” ($1.25 sm. & $2.50 med). I am in love with this stuff ! It was creamy and sweet just like soft serve except it was just fruit!! How can you go wrong??? Perfect for a day at the beach! We also took two cookies with us to try. The “Peanut Butter and The Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” ($3.00) Both of them were very good! Freshly baked, plump raisins in the oatmeal cookie and fresh chunky peanuts in the peanut butter. woah yum!  The Stand is a must if your in Laguna Beach...Total bliss!:) Eat Clean and healthy and at the beach;)

Peace, Love, and Vegan Food,


The Stand:

238 Thalia St.

Laguna Beach, CA.

(949) 494.8101


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