I’ve died and gone to FROYO Heaven!


I don’t know about you guys but I am a HUGE fan of FROYO ( vegan of course). There is something about the texture and creaminess that just tickles my fancy;) I can remember last winter in the city (NYC that is- my part time home) when I would walk around the city with a cup of vegan frozen yogurt in about oh -5 degrees. My love is that deep. Being this lover of froyo- I was ALL over a new vegan place that opened up in Hollywood not to long ago. “Milky’s”  is a self serve Frozen Yogurt shop that offers 4 VEGAN flavorseach week, along with a lovely topping bar!  I was totally ecstatic to check this place out today! My parents and I had a lovely vegan lunch and decided to head on over!


It’s a quaint and cozy little FROYO place with a few tables/chairs to sit and- and that lovely soft serve… The vegan flavors today were “Chocolate”, “Vanilla”, “Strawberry”, and “Pumpkin” (which was not quite ready yet). It is $.49/c per ounce (a nice sized cup was about $4.50) . This stuff is incredible! The creaminess, the deep rich flavor, OH SO DELISH! My parents were also quite impressed with the tasty flavors! Let me just say, Milky’s you are amazing– NEVER leave! The topping bar is also full of goodies! Carob Chips, Granola, Fresh Fruit.. I could go on but honestly you should just get yourself to Milky’s for a cup of Heaven!  Eat Clean and creamy!!

Peace, Love, and Vegan FROYO,


Milky’s Frozen Yogurt:

1429 S. Robertson Blvd

Los Angeles, CA.